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Pokemon Platinum Adventure

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Going to keep track of what's going just so I can remember later.

The team so far is Bronzong, Infernape, and my newly Gastrodon that just evolved from a Shellos (Blue). 3 others are just a bunch of pokemon that can learn the HMs. I plan catch a Magmar, but I realized I already had a fire type. Then again, I'm mostly using Infernape as a fighting user, so maybe I'll add Magmar. I'll need to find a trading buddy so I can get Magmortar though, I already have the magmarizer. Then my electric type will be the awesome Electivire, or maybe Raichu. I also decided Toxicroak will be added.

Infernape Level 39
Bronzong Level 39
Gastrodon Level 30
Croagunk Level 24.
HM pokemon
HM pokemon.

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  1. Ryan493's Avatar
    Nice, I just recently started playing Platinum again so I can trade with you sometime
  2. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Aerodactyl and Bibarel make a good HM combination - between them, they can learn all 8 Sinnoh HMs.

    If you don't like bibarel, Pickup Linoone may help; most birds can Fly and Defog too. You have a lot of options for HM carriers.


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