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Search for ... Pale Moon Banettes

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[B]Banettes[/B] are found in Diamond and Pearl in Route 227 and Stark Mountain and have a 10% appearance rate there, but the easiest place is to chain them on Route 225 or 226. Route 226 is an especially spacious patch with three quarters of the four away spots not bordering the edge of the patch.
Banette's defenses aren't very high so they are easy to faint, but at these higher levels Sucker Punch can really pack a punch so make sure that you have a few potions on hand before you start chaining these. Also remember this is a high level area. Make sure any leads that have are level 53 or higher. If you have a synchronizer that you intend to use that is lower than than level 53, faint it before you start chaining.
Don't bother looking for these ghosts until after 8 PM, but again, don't worry about keeping the chain going if you get tired and have to stop, the chain will continue just fine during the day with same probability of finding them as during the night, but once your chain breaks they won't appear again until after 8 PM.

[B]Level:[/B] 48-53
[B]EV value:[/B] 2 Attack Points
[B]Hold Item:[/B] Spell Tag - 5%
[B]Move-set:[/B][LIST][*]Faint Attack[*]Shadow Ball[*]Sucker Punch[*]Embargo
and at level 51 they learn[*]Snatch[/LIST]

[B]Highest level pokémon in area: [/B] 53
[B]Special Moves needed to get to the area:[/B] none
[B]Catch Rate:[/B] 45
[B]Appearance Rate:[/B] 20% on Route 225 & 226
[B]Recommended Synchronizer:[/B] Banette doesn't have very good speed or defenses so concentrate on its attack stats. Its Base Attack is its best stat at 115 so adamant is a good nature. A brave nature can take advantage of its mediocre speed and its ability to use the move Trick Room. Banette has access to Thunder/Thunderbolt so a Lonely or Naughty nature would be good if you would like a mixed attacker
[B]Ability:[/B] [B]Insomnia[/B] prevents opponents from putting them to sleep and [B]Frisk[/B] allows you to see what item an opponent is holding. Handy as Banette learns Trick at level 66

Once you reach 40 center your avatar in the middle of the 9x9 patch one step higher and one step to the left than he is in the picture above. This allows you to see all the shaking spots.
Like all ghosts, False Swipe doesn't affect them. Nor does Sonic Boom or Super Fang, but Dragon Rage will work to lower their HP. At their lowest level, level 48, they can only safely survive two of these, but at 49 or above they can survive three Dragon Rage attacks. If you use this strategy bring plenty of Leppa berries.
If you want to use the Night Shade trick that I talked about in my Misdreavus blog, the lowest HP for these is 119. A high level Night Shade user can get them in a more catchable range in one move.
Like Misdreavus they aren't real easy to catch. Quick Balls are your best bet as they will work about half the time, after that Dusk Balls are the next effective with Repeat balls working the best during the day. Their defenses are weak so you are really taking a chance of fainting them if you try to whittle down their HP with attacks as critical attacks often faint them. I just brought lots of Dusk Balls and Repeat Balls and after a Quick Ball on the first turn, kept throwing them at full HP until they were captured. While they aren't an easy catch, they aren't a very difficult one either.

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Updated 10-28-2011 at 11:54 AM by Deneves

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  1. Frawg's Avatar
    You know the one time I succesfully chained a shiny I only raised the chain to 24 . . . but I guess I was only really going for 1 shiny.
  2. Deneves's Avatar
    Once you hit 22 your odds of finding a shiny double from the normal 1in 8192. They slowly climb until the mid 30's then the odds increase greatly. When a chain reaching 40 the odds of finding a shiny are twice that of a chain of 39.


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