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Search for ... Blood Red Duskulls

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Duskulls are found in Diamond and Pearl but they are on the far off Route 224 and have only a 2% appearance rate. In Platinum they can be found in the patch on Route 209 just east of Hearthome City. This is one of my favorite patches as it is tall giving you safe spots above and below you from the middle of the patch.
If you stand just one step to the right of the avatar in this picture you will have spots four steps away that are not on an edge on your entire left side as well as most of the spots above you.
Don't bother looking for these ghosts until after 8 PM. Don't worry about keep the chain going if you get tired and have to stop, the chain will continue just fine during the day with same probability of finding them as during the night, but once your chain breaks they won't appear again until after 8 PM.

[B]Level:[/B] 17
[B]EV value:[/B] 1 Sp. Defense Point
[B]Hold Item:[/B] Kasib Berry - 5%
[B]Move-set:[/B][LIST][*]Disable[*]Foresight[*]Astonish[*]Confuse Ray[/LIST]
[B]Highest level pokémon in area: [/B] 20
[B]Special Moves needed to get to the area:[/B] none
[B]Catch Rate:[/B] 190
[B]Appearance Rate:[/B]10%
[B]Recommended Synchronizer:[/B] Duskull's evolutions are very versatile. While Dusclops Attack and Special Attack base stats are relatively close, Dusknoir takes a big jump in base attack. Impish and Careful sacrifice its Special Attack for valuable defense boosts. They are some of the better Trick Room users making Relaxed or Sassy the prefered nature lowering their already low speed. Eviolite makes Dusclops more defensive than Dusknoir and it has a useful Special Attack movepool so Calm or Bold would serve its nicely if you wish to go that route.
[B]Ability:Levitate[/B] makes Duskull immune to Ground attacks.

Once you reach 40 center your avatar in the middle of the 9x9 patch one step higher than he is in the picture above. This allows you to see all the shaking spots.
Like all ghosts, False Swipe doesn't affect them. Nor does Sonic Boom or Super Fang and Dragon Rage is too powerful for these guys, but, unlike Misdreavus, Duskulls are a relatively easy catch. Quick Balls are almost a sure thing at full health and Dusk Balls also work great even at full health. If you want to use the Night Shade trick that I talked about in my Misdreavus blog, the lowest HP for these is 33 so the same one would be successful for Misdreavus and Duskulls.

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