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Search for ... Green Winged Skarmorys

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Skarmory is found on route 227 on your way to Stark Mountain and in the patch before the entrance to Stark Mountain. There is a lot of ash falling in these areas but not enough to obscure your vision. I recommend chaining in 227 as for some reason chains can break in the middle of Stark Mountain patch when encountering the pokemon you are chaining. I'm not sure if the ash blocks shaking spots, but I would avoid that patch.
While the falling ash on Route 227 doesn't really obscure your view in the short grass, it does make the top rows harder to see when it gets later in the day so start your chain early or rely more on the speed of the shaking rather than its brightness. Be wary of the ledge on the southern side of this patch. If you accidentally step off of it there is no way to return and keep your chain going. There is also a smaller ledge on the eastern side that doesn't cause as much problems, but can leave you confused as how to safely return to your resetting spot.
Like Arons, Skarmorys are a Steel type and having a pokémon with the Magnet Pull ability makes them much easier to find and chain. Its 5% appearance rate otherwise makes it tough to get the chain started. This is a high level area so make sure that your Magnet Pull and your Synchronizer are fainted if they are not at least level 57. Even when fainted their abilities will work as long as they are in the first position.
Skarmorys have a high base defense so I recommend high level pokemon with Flamethrower or Thunderbolt to rack up the kills until you get to 40.

[B]Level:[/B] 53 in Platinum, 56 in Diamond/Pearl
[B]EV value:[/B] 2 Defensive EVs
[B]Hold Item:[/B] none
[B]Move-set:[/B][LIST][*]Steel Wing[*]Air Slash[*]Slash[*]Night Slash [/LIST]
[B]Highest level pokémon in area: [/B] 53 in Platinum, 56 in Diamond/Pearl
[B]Special Moves needed to get to the area:[/B] none, but it is a long way to a pokemon center so I recommend Fly if you don't have a Teleporter
[B]Catch Rate:[/B] 25
[B]Appearance Rate:[/B] 5%
[B]Recommended Synchronizer:[/B] Skarmory's best use on a team is to be a defensive wall and set up hazards. Impish (+Def, -SpAtt) is generally considered the most favorable nature as it boosts its tremendous base Defense, but Careful can be used to try and balance out its defenses.
[B]Ability:[/B] [B]Keen Eye[/B] prevents opponent from lowering this its accuracy and [B]Sturdy[/B] prevents it from being fainted by One Hit Knock Out moves and in Generation V, the Pokémon cannot be knocked out when it has full Hit Points.

Skarmorys are not an easy catch. Bring plenty of Dusk and Repeats Balls as well as a False Swiper and a Status inducer. If you have a high level Magneton/Magnezone with Magnet Pull ability it can serve a dual purpose as it rack up kills with its Thunderbolt and Thunderwave the shiny ones. Make sure you bring a tough False Swiper as Skarmory will resist that move and it may take 2 or 3 hits to bring it down to 1 HP. Some potions on hand to recover its HP would probably be a good idea.

Since False Swipers are so important in chaining let me tell you some of my favorites:

[B]Breloom[/B] - False Swipe needs to be bred into Shroomish, but you can't beat this guy as a chaining partner. Spore puts opponents to sleep with 100% accuracy. Mach Punch has a high PP and can rip through the whole chain if given a couple of PP ups. Leech Seed is handy for lowering Ghost types HP and Stun Spore is available for those Vital Spirit/Imsomnia abilities.
[B]Scizor[/B] - Steel and Bug have a lot of resistances and only one weakness, Fire. Most Fire types don't have high level Fire moves in the wild. Growlithe, Ponyta, Vulpix and Houndour can all be chained before they even learn any Fire attacks. Its Steel typing resists Poison Point as well as other annoying Poison moves that use up your Antidotes.
[B]Gligar/Gliscor[/B] - Has two great immunities that come in handy, Ground and Electric. Resists Sandstorm damage on Route 228 as well and Dugtrio's Arena Trap. Ground typing is great for chaining Electric types.
[B]Drapion[/B] - My fifth generation chainer. Bulky defenses and a Dark/Poison typing that is immune to Psychic moves and poisoning.
[B]Shedinja[/B] - Don't laugh. Several chainable pokemon have no answer for this pokémon. It was my secret weapon for catching Kyogre in the fourth generation. Thief /Trick can snag wild hold items as you chain.
[B]Sneasel/Weavile[/B] - Dark type that is immune to Psychic attacks and its Ice typing makes it handy for chaining in the snowy areas. High Speed and Attack
Other handy False Swipers
[B]Scyther [/B]- Flying/Bug immune to ground moves and 4x resistance to Grass and Fighting moves. Learns False Swipe at an early level 13.
[B]Zangoose[/B] - Immunity ability allows you not to fear Poison Point.
[B]Marowak[/B] - Ground typing and good Defense. Learns False Swipe at level 27
[B]Gallade[/B] - Learns False Swipe as a level up move. Can learn several great attacking moves as well as Thunderwave and HM moves Cut/Strength/Rock Smash
[B]Farfetch'd[/B] - A lousy pokemon for battling, but can be a HM slave (Fly/Cut/Defog) with False Swipe. Learns False Swipe and level 43 and can be used on lower level pokemon.

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