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Discovering the Meek

Respect the Classics

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We're all here because we share a common interest .
No? Then educate yourselves
Strangers who do not know of our love of the game
to the internet you must go.
love the game as we do and
you shall be accepted with open arms
know the difference between a caterpie and a weedle
(the latter has a cone shaped needle on its head but the former truly
rules) Caterpie evolves into Metapod
and Weedle evolves into Kakuna.
so, to achieve this, you must
do battle with them
I know the road to become a pokemon master is
A road that is
full of tears and laughter. It is a test to test your
commitment's commitment to commit.
what I'm trying to say is that
I'm one of those people who really believes that the earlier generations defined the games and anyone thinking otherwise should return to the games
of the first two generations.
you Can't compare the thrill of having such a narrow list of pokemon to anything. You
couldn't understand the emotional revalation you
get when you know the pokemon in your team aren't that great, but you won anyways.
this is a kind of magic.
from Generation I there have been those who buy
any game pokemon related. Even if is one of those
other side games like mystery dungeons and stuff. I once met a
guy who knew nothing about
(I don't really mean NOTHING)
just very little about the earlier generations. I'll tell you, I still
wanna smack him just a little bit
tell him that the newer generations have become unfairly overshadowing in stats, moves, and TMs
you can disagree with me. I'll wonder
how. You'll wonder how.
I'm going to tell you that I'm
feeling generous and just say:
Gotta Catch 'em all
make the best of your games, respect the classics and bum on the new stuff. Oh, one more thing
you better, by now
understand that you just got style
"Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna turn around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you"

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  1. soccergurl22's Avatar
    I agree with you...and reading that made me feel a bit nostalgic...I'll have to dust off my Pokemon Yellow and take for another spin!
  2. Frawg's Avatar
    Preach Meeker preach. The only thing that keeps me sondevoted tonPokemon is the nostalgia I get when I think of Pokemon: Red Version on my gameboy color. Everything had a redish tint to it, the 8-bit soundtrack was fantastic. I miss them. I caught 'em all. All 150. Recently Insaw a video that was displaying the Pokemon games through the generations and there was one section where they showed the title screen of red version. Red was standing there and various pokemon were cycling through beside them and I got nailed with nostalgia.
    Respect the classics! /ramble.
  3. Pokemancer's Avatar
    Very nice spiel, Meeker! I may have to bust out my own copy of Red and start a new game - eventually! My son's pretty much done with it anyway since we got him Diamond, then Platinum, then HeartGold and finally Black.
    Wish I knew what happened to my copy of Crystal, though.


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