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Search for... Fire-Eyed Arons

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I have been a little underwhelmed by the gameplay of Black and White since I have finished exploring the Unova region and the Dreamworld and have gotten back to chaining again for shiny pokémon. Since I have had such good success lately I have decided to continue my blog in hopes of helping others who like collecting shiny pokémon. I will start with one that I found easy to chain.
North of Floaroma Town and west of route 205 is the Fuego Ironworks. You can get there by surfing just east of the town before you get to Valley Windworks or surf from the path below the bridge on route 205. Some excess heat must be given off there because the shiny [B]Arons[/B] have red eyes as opposed to the normal blue-eyed ones. The patch has a few stray grass spots to the left and right of the main area. These are best avoided as they are generally edge spots and can break your chain. They do help if you are tempted to hit one of the edge spots of the main patch, just remember to keep at least one shaking spot in your field of vision when clearing your 50 steps.
Arons are a pokéradar exclusive pokémon so they are only found in the fast shaking spots and are only in the Diamond and Platinum versions.

[B]Level:[/B] 28-31
[B]EV value:[/B] 1 Defense EV
[B]Hold Item:[/B] Hard Stone - 5%
[B]Move-set:[/B][LIST][*] Metal Claw[*] Iron Defense[*] Take Down [*] Roar
Arons at level 29 or above learn[*] Iron Head[/LIST]

[B]Highest level pokémon in area: [/B] 31
[B]Special Moves needed to get to the area:[/B] Surf
[B]Catch Rate:[/B] 180
[B]Appearance Rate:[/B] 12% (30% with a Magnet Pull lead)
[B]Recommended Synchronizer:[/B] Arons ultimate evolution, [B]Aggron[/B], has a massive defense stat that doesn't really need enhancing. [B]Adamant[/B] boosts its 110 base Attack stat, but some prefer a [B]Jolly[/B] nature as it can learn Rock Polish.
[B]Ability:[/B] [B]Rock Head [/B]prevents Aron from receiving recoil damage from its level up moves of Take Down and Double Edge. [B]Sturdy[/B] prevents it from being One Hit KOed when at full health and makes it immune to One-Hit Knock Moves such as Fissure and Guillotine.

There is an easy and hard part to chaining Arons. The easy part is that they are drawn to pokemon with the Magnet Pull ability. Faint one of these and put it in the lead position and Steel types are much more 150% likely to show up.
Platinum versions also have Magnemites in this area so I chained them in Diamond. After breaking a chain at 6 trying for a 3x3 spot, I proceeded to march straight to 40 on my second chain.

The hard part is that they know the move Roar. Roar not only ends the battle in the wild, but breaks your chain.
There are a few ways to deal with Roar. First make sure to faint your Magnet Pull and your Synchronizer pokémon before chaining to avoid switching them out during battle. Second make sure that you have pokemon that can faint the Arons in one hit (Sturdy does not save them in the fourth generation) with moves that are 100% accurate. You don't want to miss and be Roared away.
To deal with Roar once you have reached 40 and want to capture them there are five popular strategies.
[LIST=1][*] [B]Taunt[/B] - Taunt will prevent them from using Roar (or Iron Defense) but it is uncertain as to how long it lasts (2-5 turns)[*] [B]Soundproof [/B]- Pokemon with the Soundproof ability are immune to noise based moves such as Roar[*] [B]Suction Cups[/B] - Pokemon with this ability cannot be Roared or Whirlwinded away.[*][B] Ingrain[/B] - Using Ingrain before it has a chance to move will prevent Roar from working[*][B] Spore[/B] - Sleep makes Aron easier to catch, but like Taunt it is uncertain as it also lasts. Pokemon will wake in 2-5 turns, but unlike Taunt it gives you no warning when it wears off.[/LIST]
False Swipe is not recommended with Aron for a couple of reasons. One is the roar problem, no pokemon with Soundproof or Suction Cup ability can learn False Swipe or Super Fang. Aron is 4x resistant to normal moves such as False Swipe. Aron's Take Down move will cause recoil damage to any of the ones that don't have the Rock Head ability causing them to faint themselves after a False Swipe.
Once I reached 40, I switched my Magnet Pull lead with my fainted Synchronizer and put my Suction Cup Cradily in the number 2 spot. With Aron's reasonably high catch rate a Quick Ball worked every time on the first turn. I tried a Great Ball once but was afraid to lower its HP and had no luck with it.


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  1. Cherkat's Avatar
    Its' great that you are blogging about chaining pokemon again. I might revisit Platinum for this one. Little shiny aron are so cute. I hate evolving them into Aggron. I like to keep
    them as shiny pets
  2. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    Ooo! Epic! I was just thinking about going back into chaining ( I've never actually tried it) and then I find this!
  3. Deneves's Avatar
    If you want a quick lesson on beginning chaining check out my Stary Blog
  4. PokeAce's Avatar
    Cool thanks for the info i've al ways wanted a shiny aron!


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