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Competitive Discussion: Bisharp

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Dark/Steel Tier: OU
If Bisharp's stats are lowered by an opponent's stat modifier, raises Bisharp's Attack by two stages afterward.
Inner Focus
Bisharp will not Flinch, except if hit while using Focus Punch.
Each of your opponent's attacks consume one additional PP when used.

HP: 65
Attack: 125
Defense: 100
Special Attack: 60
Special Defense: 70
Speed: 70

Bisharp has the scary ability to 2HKO just about every single Pokemon in the OU tier(barring Skarm). And if that wasn't enough, its opponents help it do so. Sucker Punch is the strongest Priority attack in the game, and Bisharp adds to it its 125 Attack and STAB, and every Intimidate its opponents use raises its Attack 1 stage.

Swords Dance
Ability: Defiant
Swords Dance
Sucker Punch
Brick Break
Stone Edge
Held Item: Life Orb
Nature: Jolly +Speed -Special Attack
EVs: 0/252/4/0/0/252

The Lucario of Gen V, Bisharp can switch into many opponents and set-up a Swords Dance. It can OHKO most Pokemon faster than it with STAB Sucker Punch, and cover most others with Brick Break and Stone Edge. There are a few Pokemon who can escape either case and threaten Bisharp's sweep. Skarmory is number 1. Lucario himself can easily switch into Sucker Punch and OHKO Bisharp. Speedy Durant is another who can take a Sucker Punch and do its own damage in return. If Hydreigon can get in cleanly, you will be forced to switch. The rarely seen Miltank can also take a Sucker Punch and outspeed any other attack. And if you fail to OHKO Scizor, he'll hit you back with Superpower. His counters are numbered, but Bisharp's list of victims is endless. Bisharp will be known as a staple of OU in the months to come. And this set will be the reason why.

To show how powerful this set is, here are some calculations against various Pokemon after a single Swords Dance.:
Brick Break vs. 252/0+ Steelix: 57.6% ~ 67.8%
Brick Break vs. 252/252+ Chansey@Evolution Stone: 77.8% ~ 91.8% (28% chance to OHKO after SR)
Brick Break vs. 252/252+ Blissey: 105.0% ~ 123.8%
Brick Break vs. 0/0 Hydreigon: 139.1% ~ 163.7% (must predict switch(or be instantly decimated(terribly)))
Stone Edge vs. 252/0 Dragonite: 149.2% ~ 175.6%
Stone Edge vs. 248/228+ Zapdos: 117.5% ~ 138.4%
Stone Edge vs. 248/252+ Shuckle: 88.1% ~ 103.7%
Stone Edge vs. 248/0 Scizor: 80.5% ~ 94.8% (40% chance to OHKO with SR)
Sucker Punch vs. 0/4 Salamence: 119.9% ~ 141.4%
Sucker Punch vs. 0/4 Metagross: 87.0% ~ 102.7%
Sucker Punch vs. 252/0 Metagross: 72.5% ~ 85.7%
Sucker Punch vs. 252/0 Zapdos: 98.4% ~ 115.9% (100% after SR)
Sucker Punch vs. 0/0 Weavile: 83.3% ~ 98.2% (100% after SR)
Sucker Punch vs. 0/0 Durant: 58.4% ~ 68.9% (must predict switch)
Sucker Punch vs. 4/0 Garchomp: 96.4% ~ 113.4% (100% after SR)
Sucker Punch vs. 252/80 Bronzong: 53.6% ~ 63.3%
Sucker Punch vs. 252/4 Gliscor: 76.6% ~ 90.7%

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