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Competitive Discussion: Archeops

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Rock/Flying Tier: BL
When Archeops's remaining HP is 50% or less, Archeops's Attack and Sp. Atk are halved.

HP: 75
Attack: 140
Defense: 65
Special Attack: 112
Special Defense: 65
Speed: 110

BL? BL?! How can something so monstrous as Archeops dare be designated to BL? This seemingly ridiculous mix-attacker has one very big flaw, its a quitter. Its Ability, Defeatist removes both attack stats at just 50%HP. Also take note its extreme lack of defense and also its weaknesses to the most commonly used speedsters in the game, which means getting its HP below 50% will be quite easy for your opponent. You also may be thinking this is a much stronger and slightly slower LeadActyl, but its missing access to one key move: Stealth Rock. But all of this doesn't completely negate the fact that this is birdy has a 140 Base Attack! Pair that with a more than decent Special Attack and Speed and he's sure to find a nice little slot on many SandStorm teams.

Hone Claws
Ability: Defeatist
Hone Claws
Stone Edge
Focus Blast
Held Item: Flying Gem
Nature: Naughty +Attack -Defense
EVs: 0/252/0/4/0/252

Hone Claws is an amazing new move. Not only will it boost the monstrosity that is Archeops' attack stat, but will also increase his Accuracy by 1 Stage. What does this mean? Stone Edge now hits 100% of the time and Focus Blast hits 93.3%. Acrobatics is your most powerful option here. Even with the held item, Acrobatics' BP remains at 110. Setup Hone Claws on the switch, then attack accordingly. The Flying Gem will remain in your possession until a Flying Type Move is used. 165BP STAB Boosted is sure to dent anything not resisting. In fact, with Stealth Rock down and without the added bonus of the Flying Gem, Acrobatics has a 42% of OHKOing Blissey, Stone Edge 2HKOs incoming Skarmory, while a 93.3% accurate Focus Blast rounds out the set. Archeops will benefit greatly from Wish Support to help balance the terrible Ability. Keeping its HP above 50% is key to keeping its usefulness, which is why Life Orb is not an option here.

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Updated 07-16-2011 at 02:50 PM by MissingNo.

Competitive Discussion


  1. Vott's Avatar
    What a Pokemon! D8
  2. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    What is the point in stat boosting this guy if his offensive powers drop so quickly upon reaching half health in damage?
  3. Sorgatani's Avatar
    The winner of the doubles tournament I paid a visit to on Thursday utilized an Archeops.. Since it was doubles, they made use of rockslide to trash the opposing team. They were lucky enough to get a flinch in, and it was a pretty anticlimactic battle.

    No, it wasn't against me, I didn't actually battle - didn't have an Unova team lined up
  4. Bobreeder's Avatar
    I'd suggest using the Sky Jewel on it. I've heard the bonus is added (and item removed) before the move checks, so you get 110 base + the sky jewel bonus on the first attack.
  5. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Final Battle
    Yep, Flying Gem + Acrobatics ftw
    Updated 07-16-2011 at 09:06 AM by Sorgatani
  6. MissingNo.'s Avatar
    Thanks for the information guys. The Flying Gem has been added to the set. Keep the ideas coming!
  7. MissingNo.'s Avatar
    Anyone oppose the Tier placement?
  8. Bobreeder's Avatar
    I'm opposed to having a BL without any sort of battling. If it's not good enough (well, used enough) for OU, it should be UU if it's not too strong for the tier (can't know this before testing).

    But as we are without means of testing atm, I agree it looks quite BL.
  9. MissingNo.'s Avatar
    Well at 51%+ HP, its OU. When its HP drops it becomes NU. An initial stat distribution like that should never see UU or lower. I agree that testing is needed to show how successful it is at getting into the battle and doing damage.
  10. Frawg's Avatar
    Would substitute be viable? If you expected a switch you could set up a sub, and after that you'd have two free moves to slam your opponent. A sitrus berry would also prolong and archeops' reign of terror.
  11. MissingNo.'s Avatar
    No it wouldn't. Substitute and weakness to SR would immediately make Archeops useless. Defeatist ranks up there with Slow Start as worst possible Ability ever.


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