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Anime Physics

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A friend of mine came up with this theory. It isn't perfect, it doesn't even apply all the time, but it gets a smile and occasionally promotes discussion.

The Theory:
In any given anime, the strength of an attack/ability has a direct link to the volume at which its' name is called out.

(hmm, does this apply to Pokemon? Let's seee...)
Yeah... you heard the critter's voice there too, didn't ya >.<

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  1. Krispy's Avatar
    Yep, I did. Hahha.

    Interesting theory. Definitely gonna run it by some of my friends.
  2. Kurt's Avatar
    Haha! Very interesting indeed.
  3. Frawg's Avatar
    One Peice and Naruto are prime examples.
  4. laprasman's Avatar
    @Frawg Also Dragon Ball Z
    it's not it's over 9000 it's IT'S OVER 9000
  5. XD001's Avatar
    Gomu Gomu no.....BAZOOOKA! is a prime example.


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