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spring break!

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is mostly over, but I just wanted to share the excitement of actually taking a trip on spring break. I'm in Paris right now with a few days left to spend in Europe, and it has been lovely!

What are all you fine folks doing for break? (those of you that get one and those of you who are on break right now)

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  1. Frawg's Avatar
    Pokemon and Homework. The only way I'd be able to do a trip is for Research over Spring Break. *Shrug*
  2. Vott's Avatar
    Ugghhhhh, you started Sprink Break already? Mine doesn't start till 2 weeks.
  3. Krispy's Avatar
    @Frawg: What kind of research? that could be interesting

    @Vott: yep, is almost over. I remembered how much I need to do on the train today, and I'm not looking forward to returning, ha. When are you done with school, though?
  4. Vott's Avatar
    Done with middle school is somewhere in June-ish. The day is unkown due to the fact we had some snow days and we have to make up for that at the end of the school year ;_;
  5. Frawg's Avatar
    @Krispy: For Biology there's several different field research trips available. You could study Algae at San Salvador, or you could study rocks on some Island, but none of that is pertinent to my field of study.
  6. Krispy's Avatar
    @Vott: Ah, snow days. Unfortunately, we almost never get them unless there are literally whiteout conditions. We do get flood days, though.

    @Frawg: I think algae is pretty. I always liked science subjects in school; I somewhat regret not studying any of it further. What is your field of study, if I may ask?
  7. Frawg's Avatar
  8. Frawg's Avatar
    so a Biochemistry major.
  9. Krispy's Avatar
    Ooh, neat. I have a friend who switched to that from Infectious Disease Specialist, ha. She started working as a tech and really likes it.
  10. laprasman's Avatar
    I was gonna go to Italy, but I went to New York instead. Still awesome place! ^_^


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