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Holy karp, it's the holidays again

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And I'm not ready!!!

I was so close to being ready early for once, and then what happens? I get sick. Again. I can't remember the last Christmas I didn't get sick! Argh. At least I'm *almost* ready. Today I am still pretty sick but well enough that I can get my last bits of shopping and shipping done, at least I hope. Gonna try, anyway!

My family arrived in town today. They stopped at my grandmother's for lunch but are now on their way to come see me. When they get here, I'm taking my brother with the last bits of shopping - he hasn't finished yet, either, haha. I'm excited to get to spend some time with him. He'll be spending the night at my place on Xmas Eve, and we're going to stay up half the night playing video games on my new 47-inch flat screen, hehehe. (Well it's actually not mine - my friend got stationed somewhere he couldn't take it with him so I'm keeping it for him until he returns in a year or so...) But Christmas itself will happen NOT at my place, thankfully, as I really just don't have enough space in my little one-person apartment for all the family we have getting together.

I love the holidays with my family. My family has always made the holidays be about love and being together and making each other happy to show how much we love each other. So yes, presents is a part of that, but each and every one of us loves the part where we get to put a smile on each others' face from the gift we gave them, more than receiving a gift ourselves. And there's nothing like that feeling, that shared joy when a person you care about feels loved because they know you put such thought into their gift.


Whoops, so I didn't finish this and the day I was referring to in the above paragraphs came and went... I didn't get the shopping done; I tried but I just was too sick and I had to stop. Did get to hang out with the family though, very awesome.

I work tomorrow and on Christmas Eve as well. Not so cool. BUT I get Christmas Day off as well as my birthday which is a week later, so it's all good.

I'm so excited for Christmas food!!! So far confirmed: mashed potatoes, pomegranate, fresh tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, fresh celery, homemade pound cake, orange rolls, clementines... So much deliciousness!!! Oh and I guess there'll be some meat of some sort, I don't know or care what since I don't eat it.

Then after Christmas, I have another day off. I will be spending it in my hometown, as one of my best friends (of 13 years!) will also be there. I'm spending the whooooole day with her and I'm SO EXCITED. I miss her so much. It's been tough, since we all moved to various locations after college.

I have no idea what I'm doing for my birthday yet. Everyone's always busy or out of town or recovering from New Year's on my birthday, so I've never really gotten to see everyone I like to for my birthday, but I'm used to it. If nothing else, my boyfriend has promised a day of chillaxing together and good food, which while not anything unique, it will at least be a good day. I'm hoping, though, that some more of my good friends will be able to come spend time with me. I don't need a party, I just like to spend time with the people I care about.

So what's everyone else doing for the holidays? I want to knowwwwww

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  1. Krispy's Avatar
    Sorry to hear of your illness, but your holiday certainly sounds exciting! I did most of my shopping in August, actually. :P But I have been working more than ever to pay for them these past two weeks. My place of work is closed Christmas eve and Day though, so I am looking forward to going home as well, barring any massive snowstorms.
  2. Kay's Avatar
    Dang, talk about getting ready early! That's awesome though. Enjoy your holidays!!!


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