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Awesome New Hobby

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So I've started geocaching. Let me tell you; anyone looking for a fun hobby that gets you outdoors should try this!

Basically it's a treasure hunt. You get basic coordinates and a hint and you have to find the "cache," which has a log in it for documenting who has found it, and some "treasures." You're supposed to take one and leave something of your own. Silly things like action figures, stickers, pins or whatever.

It's so much fun, especially if you love outdoors and hiking like I do. I'm doing it with my boyfriend (yes that is new) and a couple of our mutual friends. Definitely not something I would enjoy by myself, but with friends it is so neat. Dudes you should all try it.

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  1. laprasman's Avatar
    I do a boring version of this at school! We don't go outside or anything, we find a location on a map using longitude and latitude and stuff.
  2. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    I play this game with my cat. He uses the same cache point every day, under the fridge!
  3. Kurt's Avatar
    Sounds like fun, and congrats on the BF! I think there's actually a Boy Scout merit badge for geocaching now, which is purdy cool.

    @Steve: hahaha
  4. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    I've heard of this. Very interesting! Didn't know it was such a popular thing. It would be fun to try one day.
  5. Cherkat's Avatar
    Sounds like alot of fun. I might look into this myself. Congrats on the new boyfriend
  6. Frawg's Avatar
    Ahh, that's funny. Me and my friends found a geocache in the woods once. we didn't even no anything about it till we found it, We just happened to stumble upon one stuffed inside of a dead tree. . . had some pretty cool kanick kanacks(spelled as I pronounce) inside of it, as well as Info about the geocache program, so we looked it up. All and all its a cool program and a decent hobby too, esp. since it teaches you stuff and gets you outdoors.


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