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Brace Face

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We have our first tween milestone, braces.
My 10 year old son got phase 1 of braces today. 4 top, 4 bottom and 4 brackets on his back molars. He will wear these for 18 months, rest for awhile and then go to phase 2, braces on all teeth. He was able to choose his colors, blue and yellow, he is a big UCLA fan

Next tightening he will choose red and green for Christmas.

Right now he is dealing with pain and discomfort. I'm sure that in a week or so, the discomfort will be less and eating will be easier.

Anyone want to add their braces stories? I'd love to hear them and I am sure the he would love to read them.

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  1. Kurt's Avatar
    Blue and yellow? Eww... Getting to pick your own colors was always kinda neat...just don't get colors that are too light because they start to look gross if I remember correctly, haha.

    I never found braces painful or irritating for more than the first few hours (maybe the next day at the latest), and I think once he has had them on for a while, he'll get used to them. Pain relievers helped, but I only used them a couple times. Luckily for him, he got to skip out on all of the stupid appliances I got before I could get braces...I swear I had every stinkin' piece of orthodontic equipment ever made in my mouth except for headgear, lol.

    Make sure that he wears his retainer when all's said and done, or they'll look worse than when you started (and paid all that $$$!). the person who I'm aiming this at knows who he is

    Oh--make sure he knows to let you know if things break, come loose, etc. so you can go in and get them fixed before his teeth move around from the change. I don't think it happens often (I think I had one broken appliance and Adam broke a wire once or twice), but...

    Good luck!
  2. Cherkat's Avatar
    He will start wearing headgear, at night, next appointment. It was that or a Herbst appliance. I was very worried about TMJ so I opted for headgear. I hope that I didn't make a mistake. Oh well, time will tell
  3. Kurt's Avatar
    Ah--I opted for the Herbst over headgear, but I tend to sleep stomach-down, so I didn't want to deal with that. ^_^;
  4. Bobreeder's Avatar
    I was a notoriously bad brace user. In the beginning, when I used "gums" or something (plates placed on your gums that are gradually pushed outwards to make more space in your mouth), and you were supposed to take them out whenever you were eating. Guess who lost his at least 6 times until the dentist was fed up and put in a permanent one? <.<
    Then I went on to regular braces (full on, both top and bottom, no colors on mine though ), but I wasn't finished with them before we left on our trip. They were a royal pain for a while, with dentists in the Mediterranean "fixing" them when they broke, and them breaking again within 24 hours, until we decided to take em off in Mallorca. This was not something they were used to, so we were told to leave so they could speak to the "General". We were told to come back in an hour. When we came, they said they'd accept if they were allowed to place a metal string on the back of my teeth, holding them in place (is that what a retainer is?) So now I have this, and I don't know when the heck I'll get to take it off
  5. platinum's Avatar
    An orthodontist said I would have to get braces last year but I never did. No one in my family ever got braces. Although most of my family do have glasses. However, I didn't get anything like hearing aids (my other brother has those) or glasses. So I count myself lucky.
  6. Ryan493's Avatar
    Ah, braces..had em on for just about exactly 2 years (got them on the week before 6th grade started, off the week before 8th grade started).
    But here's one thing: never eat jelly beans. I was helping someone in class for their science fair project to see if i can guess the flavors while blindfolded (which I guessed all of them right) but one got stuck to one of my corner brackets and the little sucker snapped off!
    And some point through having my braces, I had to get 4 teeth pulled out to make room. It doesn't feel right having nearly 10 numbing shots in your mouth and when they pull the teeth out it STILL hurts!
    But everything's good now I guess. Just a retainer I'm to wear at night and that's it, now.
  7. Cherkat's Avatar
    Wow you guys thanks for the feedback/information. This morning my son woke up with his mouth sore as heck and a bit cranky He has baseball today, and we will see how baseball and braces mix. I know that the aching will subside in time, I had braces also and I remember not being able to eat for a day or so after getting them tightened.
    @Trombones13 my son took head of the retainer information!
    @Bobreeder you are having quite the adventure sailing around the world and trying to maintain your braces. I love your makeshift retainer
    @Platinum Lucky you for not having braces!
    @Ryan493 my son loved your jelly bean story no jelly beans for him!

    I'll keep posting and let you know when his braces stop hurting.
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