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Lack of contribution

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I feel badly! I miss all you guys. I just have been so swamped that I have barely had time to glance at these here forums. I come back and WOAH have there been changes made!!! I don't even understand them! But I'm excited to learn about them.

Sooo a lot has been going on with me lately. My musical was a great success, we had brilliant reviews. We're even recording a professional soundtrack - it's so weird to hear my singing recorded! I have posted a small album of some pics. I'm looking very different than normal in my costume... I was the villain, sort of.

Beyond that, I've been working a lot, getting settled into my new apartment, etc. Looking into some new opportunities. Really hoping to get this one job that would be a few nights a week, and allow me to keep my job at the coffee shop (I love it. Doesn't pay much but I love it).

I have recently discovered the game Puzzle Fighters. It's a puzzle game with the Street Fighter characters and it is amazing. I recommend it to anyone who loved the old Street Fighter games, or to anyone that likes falling-block-games.

I have to admit I'm not really looking forward to the release of Pokemon B&W. I never even got through SoulSilver - I didn't have time and I guess already knowing what pokemon were gonna pop out at me took away a lot of the appeal. This new game, well, I just haven't really liked any of the features they've announced, and all the pokemon they've shown are hideous. I'm gonna buy it anyway of course, have to give it a chance, but I am super wary.

I gave up on the Team Rocket Game, I'm sure a couple of you noticed. Is that still going strong? I have a couple thousand crystals and a ton of level 100 pokemon... I feel bad them going to waste. I'm still top level player but Jesse's catching up!
I just started finding it to be a chore. I liked it better when there was like, communication between warring factions, and when it felt like we had things to accomplish. Maybe it has improved since I left? Anyone want to fill me in?

So I miss everyone and want updates on people. I don't even know where to start, as for looking through the forums... It kind of overwhelms me. But I miss you all! You should definitely IM me or something if you miss me too. :P

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  1. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    The new forum stuff is... Gaaah. Still getting the hang of it. I apparently have an award?
  2. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    We all miss you too!
  3. Kurt's Avatar
    Good to hear from you again.
  4. Bobreeder's Avatar
    This whole new forum thing has overwhelmed me too I just got my forumon to level 2! xD I have pretty much quit the TR game too, don't think much interesting is going on there now.


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