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Fifth & Sixth Location Name Suggestions

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[COLOR="royalblue"]It has been a while since I did one of these, so its about time I did another one, so I can get things moving once again for this story. I have the locations that I really need for the next few Chapters of the story, but I'd love to get more added, so that if I get that far, I'm not running behind because of locations.

In my previous entry about this, I asked for suggestions on two locations. and have actually come up with names for these, now.

Kasai Village (I think Rolytic assisted in this one with comments towards elements... but I can't remember... sorry... ^^;; )

City #2:
Aphia City (suggested by Ryan493. I really loved this name, so thanks for that! ^^ )

The other two locations, I settled on Whitecliff City and Festavia Town, so thanks again to those who assisted with those names. ^^


Anyway! Time for the next two places that I've managed to get descriptions for. Any and all assistance would be appreciated.


-[ A town to the west of a small cave that
intersects Route 373. There is an unusual
set of hot springs in this town that people
and Pokémon use to recover after their
long journeys.

With this, a spa was created for people to
use for a short getaway. ]-


-[ A city north of Arkdale Town that boasts
lots of activity. A fortune teller often gives
readings on weekdays, and on weekends,
a ‘psychic show’ runs to show the talents
of the local psychics. Many come to see
their shows. A Gym is also in this city, and
its Leader is a user of Psychic-type Pokémon. ]-

[COLOR="royalblue"]As before, these descriptions are more a work-in-progress and may change over time. But the others haven't changed, so don't count on it... xD

As said before, any help is appreciated. ^^ [/COLOR]

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  1. XD001's Avatar
    Fifth: Steamrest Town ( Just combined "steam" and "rest", since steam will come off the hot water and people and Pokemon rest here after gruelling journeys.)
    Sixth: Druimark City ("Druid" for the psychic connections and "market" seeing as the place seems like a busy market place.)