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So the theatre I've been volunteering with since I moved here last year - the one I was ensemble for Rocky Horror a year ago - is having its yearly musical again. Now I've been helping behind the scenes with every play so far since then, some in bigger ways than others, such as when I stage managed, or how right now I'm assistant directing Philadelphia Story. But this one, I wanted to be in the ensemble again like in Rocky Horror. To me, there was just something cool about being in the ensemble - you're not in the spotlight, but you're such an important cog in the subtle machine that brings the whole musical together.

So I auditioned.

Aaaand I accidentally got a lead!

I didn't turn it down, even though that's not what I was planning on. The only other show I've ever even been in was Rocky, so I've no experience in this other than the million times I've had to fill in for an absent cast member during a rehearsal of Philadelphia Story. But the directors must have faith in me, as they picked me, so I'm gonna try it!

I'm Gloria, and the musical is Return to Forbidden Planet. It's based off Shakespeare's The Tempest as well as an old 50's campy sci-fi movie. It's silly, it's fun, it's iambic pentameter, it's set in space, it has a bunch of 60's rock and roll. It's going to be so much fun! There are a lot of lines in it - many of which delivered by me - that make reference to/make fun of Shakespeare. Such as my favourite, when the Navigational Officer sees some ships on the radar screen, she's not sure if there's one blip or two, and the Captain goes, "Two beeps, or not two beeps?" And the NO responds, "That is the question." It's awesome.

So I'm super excited about all this, but it also means I'm SUPER AMAZINGLY busy. I work full-time now, and then I have TWO rehearsals each night, since I have both Philadelphia Story AND Return to Forbidden Planet going on at the same time. Plus running around trying to get settled in my new apartment, one piece of furniture at a time. But Philly will actually open soon and things will slow down a bit.

I'm also going up to my parents' house tomorrow with a good friend to get some stuff I left there that I now need desperately, like my microwave and cooking pots. I won't be able to get my furniture though, as it won't fit in my car and I don't have the time to rent a U-Haul right now. Because of work and rehearsals, I'm doing it all in one day, which means 8 hours of driving, and there's no way I could still have enough time in the day to pack all my furniture as well as everything else into the U-Haul before having to leave, even with a friend helping. But I'm excited to at least be able to cook. As of right now I have one pot, a fork, and a bowl.

So my apartment is pretty bare. There's stuff on the floor because I have no shelving for it. My only furniture is stuff people have given me - a loveseat that has a foldout bed is what I've been sleeping on, I have a microwave cart for my tv/computer, a tiny ugly wicker dresser that doesn't hold much, and two very small corner shelving units is all I have right now. Oh, and a small end table that I'm currently painting a sun and moon and stuff on it so I can't exactly use it right now. And I'm so booked for the next long while that I don't think I'll be able to get my furniture from my parents' house till November!!! But at least when I finally do that, I'll have a bed, a big dresser, a giant desk with my giant bookshelf, another medium sized bookshelf, another tiny bookshelf, a nightstand, and a comfy chair.

Well, I'm off to do laundry! It's awesome - free laundry, and it's not a laundromat type setting, it's a washer and dryer in every building, and my building only houses 8 apartments including mine so the washer and dryer are kept really nice and stuff. I love my new place. <3

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  1. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Congratulations on the role and moving in ^_^

    Apartment may start out bare but that never lasts


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