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Wi-Fi is futile

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Breaking news. Pokemon games from certain members and probably all pokegamers out there are now realizing:

has pokemon been disconnected from wifi forever, or is it just a temporary glitch. Only time shall tell.

EDIT: Well, it looks like all DS games are down. I'm guessin' that's a good sign.

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Updated 08-26-2010 at 12:56 AM by meeker



  1. Kurt's Avatar
    To those of you reading this entry, meeker and I did some searching around, and it looks like all of Nintendo Wi-Fi is down. Stay tuned to the Tweetboard tab on the index or the forum Twitter account (@pokefarm) for developments. (:
  2. meeker's Avatar
    Well, it looks like wifi is back up for my Plat. So, I'm guessin'/hopin' that everything else is up and runnin' again. YAY for those hours of sheer terror.


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