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Moving moving moving!

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I got my own apartment! I have been calling this place for months now, waiting for an availability to open up. One finally did, and I snatched it up before someone else could! The price is incredible, though the rules are going to be a bit to put up with. Stuff like no non-family over night visitors, no large groups of company, stuff like that. Landlady herself said to me, "It's like you're moving into an old folks' home." Honestly it's not legal for them to put those rules into place but everyone that lives there either has no problem living with those rules, or the price is worth not causing a ruckus, you know?

Personally, it's both for me. I have been looking forward to this for ages. The availability only opened up Thursday, I met with her Friday and I move in TOMORROW. It's all happening so fast, after so long of waiting!!!

The location is great - I can ride my bike to get groceries, pick up prescriptions, even to the theatre that I do all my plays and stuff in. I also have friends that live in the building diagonal from me, so that will be cool.

In other news, I'm having fun assistant directing Philadelphia Story. The cast is really starting to come together. I'm also about to audition for a musical, "Return to Forbidden Planet." It's a campy sci-fi musical that takes place on a spaceship/in space and is based on Shakespeare's The Tempest. It overlaps with Philadelphia Story though, so I'll be SWAMPED, between work and rehearsals/shows for two different plays. But I love to be busy, so I'm super excited!!!

Sorry I haven't been hanging around the forums so much. I miss you guys! <3

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  1. predictions of doom's Avatar
    No non-family overnight visitors?
    Oh, the awkward questions in the morning...

    Yay for not having to drive anywhere!
  2. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Congratulations ^_^
  3. Dr. Narnad's Avatar
    Awesome! Having friend diagonally to ya will aid in the "non-ruckus" part of your contractual obligation for sweet living standards by affording you someplace to party. Plus, no mess to have to clean up the next morning.

    What happens if the overnightee happened to be someone who lived there in the building? Ahhhh, the loop holes cometh.


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