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I've been meaning to write a blog entry on my trip for a couple days now, but kept putting it off, haha. ^_^;

Europe was (as expected) awesome! We spent three weeks traveling and touring in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Luxembourg. As Blue Lake always does, all of the groups stay in host families, usually in small communities. It's actually a good experience there, too, because you get a more genuine taste of life in that community--something you wouldn't get as easily from staying in hotels. We stayed in smaller towns/villages, but with our host families, we got to visit some larger cities nearby, including Berlin (Germany), Hamburg (Germany), and Luxembourg (Luxembourg--it's the capital city of the same-named country). Of course, being a jazz ensemble meant we had to perform too. :P We had nine concerts while in Europe, most with (unfortunately) small audiences. Nevertheless, each one seemed to really enjoy the concert and we always got at least one encore (I think we got three at our last one!!). It was definitely a terrific experience. Since I'm now 18 and enrolled in college, though, I can't go as a student in the international groups anymore, which is making me think about becoming a counselor in order to go again (if I do, the trip's also paid for me, which means I essentially get paid $5,000 ).

If you want to see some of my nearly 1400 pictures, check my Facebook page. I'll also be putting a few up on my Tumblr blog in the next few days, I think.

P.S. I had my board of review on Monday, and I'm an Eagle Scout!

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  1. Kay's Avatar
    Congrats on getting Eagle! That's awesome.

    Your trip sounds amazing! I glanced through some pictures, beautiful stuff you got to see. That's awesome you got to have such an amazing experience!
  2. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    Wow. The pictures were enticing enough. What a great experience! Did you eat anything... questionable? XD
  3. Kurt's Avatar
    No! Everything was really goooooood.
  4. predictions of doom's Avatar
    'grats on the Eagle Scoutness- you've definitely worked for it.

    Ahahaha, becoming a counsellor so that you can travel to Europe? Sounds like a great plan.


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