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We went to Disneyland yesterday! It was awesome. The park is so geared for an experience. Every ride is so thoughtfully planned and executed. The park is immaculate. The crowds however can be a bit overwhelming.

We were on a raft heading towards Tom Sawyer Island when the earthquake hit. We had no idea, until we hit solid ground, that an EQ had happened. Next, every ride was shut down for inspection, 1 1/2 hour of crowds milling, shopping and eating, we almost left but we stayed

The park at night really is a sight to behold. The water show Fantasmic is a non stop WOW, oh my god, unbelievable time. So amazing! The fireworks that immediately follow are beautiful and magical.

We had an amazing, exhausting, expensive time. We left the park at midnight, way past my sons bedtime, he was wiped out.

If i had one disappointment it was the Submarine ride. It's been completely redone to coincide with a Nemo theme. I really preferred the pre Nemo, mermaid, giant clam, fake coral reef, sea monsters sub ride It was classic Disney, cheesy but so wonderful.

I can't wait to go again, this time we will buy a two day pass, spend the night and catch California Adventure.

I can't wait!

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  1. razorbeam's Avatar
    Is this Disneyland in California ? I'm happy for you. i don't know if it is comparable to DisneyWorld in Florida but it sounds like you had so much fun with Riley. Disney no matter where is really magical and for all ages
  2. Cherkat's Avatar
    Yes Will, California Disneyland. I've never been to Disneyworld in Florida but I expect that it's much bigger and better. Hopefully we can get there next year. Trouble is, I hate airplane travel. We'd most likely need to drive ala the Griswold's on their way to Wallyworld
  3. nana nettie's Avatar
    Woohoo Cherkat! I'm so jealous right now. I've been having disneyland fits....You do need to go to California Adventure. The Soaring over California was the best virtual ride ever! I just have one last thing....did you take pictures? We need pictures!
  4. Cherkat's Avatar
    We forgot the Camera Nana I know really idiotic. My husband got a few pics on his cell phone, not very good quality. We do need to go to California Adventure now that my son is tall enough to ride most attractions
  5. pikaluva13's Avatar
    Sounds like you had fun

    Also, if you drive, make sure you don't get trapped on a roundabout.
  6. meeker's Avatar
    OH MY GOD!!! I missed you by one day!!! I was there for the day before and the day before that. I can't believe it.
  7. Cherkat's Avatar
    @Meeker that's too funny, what a coincidence. Did you have an absolute blast? Did you go to California Adventure? I think that we might try and head back to California Adventure the week first week of August.


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