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the surgery approacheth

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It's been a pretty good summer so far.

After the last play I was involved with - the one I was stage managing - I decided to take a break from theatre. I'll be assistant directing one in August/September and then immediately jumping into a musical (performing in that one) so I'll be requesting a lot of scheduling compromises at work for that, so I decided I better not do the one that's happening now.

And then the new studio building is still being renovated, so no studio.

So I thought, man, my summer's gonna be pretty empty.


I've been super busy. I love being busy. I've been working as much as possible, but then I've been going out a lot, too. I've made a lot of friends through work and it's pretty awesome. Before, my friends were pretty limited to the people I'd met through the theatre, so it's pretty neat that I've been able to branch out.

And my family is coming to visit this weekend. We're going to go to the beach together, and then all see Toy Story 3!!! I'm so excited to see this movie - I grew up with it.

My family will be leaving my brother with me for a while, and that's going to be so much fun. I'm super excited. I miss my brother so much - that's one drawback of growing up and not living with my family. We have a bunch of plans and it's going to be amazing.

Then after he's been here a little over a week, my mom and dad are coming back, and my brother will go back home with Dad but my Mom will be staying with me because it's time for... *dun dun dun* Surgery. Finally. At least it wasn't a whole year between the injury and the surgery, but it sure has been long enough!

I've already had my pre-op appointment. The one thing I was really afraid of was that something similar to what happened with my first knee surgery might happen: The first time, they were like, psh, recovery will be a piece of cake, sure you'll be able to go to your family reunion 3 weeks after surgery, you'll be hobbling around just fine after a couple weeks... Then they got in there, in my knee, and were like "whoops! This is a LOT worse than we thought it was." And they had to do a lot more than they thought they would have to, and I woke up and they were like, "yeah, one of your scars is about 5 times bigger than we told you it would be, and your recovery is going to take several weeks, and be really awful all around." YAY.

So I really really didn't want that to be a possibility. But this time around he's sure that's not going to happen... *knock on wood* It can't happen because I already have to take a week and a half off of work for this, then when going back to work I can only work shorter shifts for a while, and I really need to get back to work on a normal schedule as soon as possible.

But anyway... My mom is coming to help with recovery, cuz there will be a little while that I can't really move around by myself, and I'll be sick from anaesthesia and loopy from Oxycontin and what-not. (Gah, do I hate surgery or what. Avoid it if you can, kiddos.)

But man, you know what I forgot to ask at the pre-op? I forgot to ask if they were going to "turn my leg off." The first knee surgery I had, they had to do that. They somehow temporarily severed the connection from my leg to my brain, so that my leg was effectively nothing but dead weight. They did this before they put me to sleep. It was the FREAKIEST thing ever. I couldn't feel it, couldn't move it, couldn't put weight on it. Then when after surgery at my first physical therapy appointment, they had to "jump start" my muscles - they likened it to a car battery - by sending volts through my leg, and it was so gross feeling.

I'm thinking they won't have to do that, since I am not getting holes drilled into my bones to attach a dead guy's ACL to my leg, but I wish I had asked.

Oh, they also are giving me the opportunity to stay awake and watch the surgery if I want. Which seems like a very interesting idea. I mean I'd love to watch. But... I already get sick just from the anaesthesia. I'll be like, half-under. And it's on ME. I think I could handle watching someone else's surgery just fine. But my own? While already very nauseous? I'm not so sure I'll be able to handle that. It was bad enough just seeing my wounds the day after the first knee surgery, when I was first allowed to take the wrap off. (Click here and here for images. Warning: graphic and ugly! Not for the faint of heart! Also the date is wrong, it was June of '05.)

Ugggh so obviously I'm pretty apprehensive about surgery or else I wouldn't be rambling on about it like this. I just really hate surgery. It's scary cuz of the risks associated with anaesthesia, and the fact that they're knifing around in my body, and I hate being sick and bedridden afterward, and the financial end of it, and blehhhhhh. At least it's not on my throat again. That one was scaaaary. At least on my knee, if they slip or something, I won't like... you know... die.

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  1. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    Surgery... not fun. Just hope for a speedy recovery! What did you do to need the surgery? (It's probably in there I just missed it).
  2. predictions of doom's Avatar
    Come to Canada, we have lovely government-funded healthcare.

    Hope that it all goes well, and that you don't, like, you know, die when they replace your leg with a dead robot's. Or did I misread that?
  3. Kay's Avatar
    Oh, I wrote about the injury a long time ago - it happened in October. Just busted my meniscus - the cartilage in the knee - again. The ACL's already been replaced (with a dead robot ACL, haha) in a previous surgery.
  4. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Hope everything goes well!


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