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Looking for Opinions

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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I've been thinking lately about the name of the Region for Pokemon Tales... and have decided that since "Shirei" was really only a place-holder to begin with and doesn't really have any underlining meaning, I'll be changing it. Pretty soon.

I have a single idea on what to name it, mainly based on a certain location in the real world:

But I don't know... Looking at Shirei, it actually sounds like it could very well be a Region name for a Pokemon game...

So I want your opinions and hopefully suggestions for what a good Region name would be. Its really tearing me up here and I honestly can't decide what I should do with it... so any assistance to help make me come to a decision would be greatly appreciated. I'll be starting to continue progress on Pokemon Tales now and should hopefully be able to get a Chapter finished this month-- though again, I don't promise anything.[/COLOR]

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  1. Rolytic's Avatar
    With no in depth knowledge of how you came up with either name, I like Shirei. It sounds more elegant than Eikoku, and more mysterious. Possibly because of the "shi" as in Shinu (to die)
  2. Flareon's Avatar
    The funny thing is, I think I picked up Shirei when I came across the word somewhere; there actually wasn't really any reason for the choice, other than the fact I liked how it sounded as a Region name-- or t the time, as a place-holder until I could come up with a final name.

    Eikoku has a slightly more... ehh... I hesitate to call 'personal'... local meaning to me, we'll say; I did some searching and found it to translate out to 'England'. But granted, that was the only reason I thought of using Eikoku. But its kind of made me realise how much I actually like Shirei as the Region name...