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15 to 16 weeks to go

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Right now me and the lil girl are doing very well. She's about a foot long and about a pound and a half right now. Kicks and moves around a lot and is most likely playing soccer with my organs in there, ha ha. Getting happy that I have about three and a half months left; I'm starting to get uncomfortable and pretty sore.
My mom and I registered last week at Target and Babies R' Us for my lil girl so I can get her started off right. :) If anyone wants to know how to find my registry, just ask. I'm right now getting invitations and all that together for my baby shower. I'll be having one in July and my mom said it was ok if I hold a pool party afterwards for me and my friends. So I'm excited about that, I just hope that I get a good turnout. The only time I've ever had any parties was when I was five and when I was twelve, soooooooooooo, ha ha, I hope it goes ok.

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