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Amphy is my Personal Good Luck Charm

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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]A small fact about me:
I've on-and-off been collecting Pokemon cards since the original set were released absolutely years ago and with my love for Pokemon growing anew, I decided to see how my luck would pan out this time and bought a few booster packs; two of them had Ampharos on them, so I kind of left them 'till last.

I got some pretty nice cards in there, though; Vulpix, Reverse-Holo Sunkern, Reverse-Holo Miltank, Reverse-Holo Azumarill, Holo Raichu, Holo Slowking, Full-Holo Feraligatr...

...and one each in both the packs with Ampharos on them... the top and bottom halves of Ho-oh Legend. If there was one card I truly wanted from the set it was this one, because Ho-oh Legend just looks absolutely awesome. I'm not an avid collector of the cards, but I do like to have the ones of the Pokemon I like, which made my acquisition of Ho-oh Legend all the more sweeter.

Now I need to find some kind of metal worker or something who can make an Ampharos pendant so that I'll eternally get that kind of luck...
<.< [/COLOR]

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  1. predictions of doom's Avatar
    How 'bout a bracelet?

    Sounds like you got a great haul with thos Holos and Ho-Ohs.
  2. Flareon's Avatar
    That is so awesome... though if I'm honest, I'm more of a fan of the traditionally yellow Ampharos; the Shiny version kind of looks a little weird to me... but that really is amazing.

    Indeed I was. I've never seen so many shiny cards coming out of so few packs. Back when the cards first came out with the base set, you were lucky to even get any kind of holographic card, since they had standard versions of the holo cards, as well. Of the base set I can remember, I have Clefable, Ninetales, Zapdos, Alakazam... erm... and a few others I can't really remember. Unfortunately, a number of my base set cards are damaged.
    I also have a few of the Wizards Promo cards, like two of the three Legendary Birds (I'm missing Articuno, unfortunately), Eevee, Meowth and (one of the) Pikachu. Maybe some more, but I'm at Uni right now and can't check...
    Wonder if cowmoo83 is jealous of that Reverse-Holo Miltank... I have to admit, the Reverse-Holo card of "Colourless" cards looks awesome and has a kind of rainbow effect to it.