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`~`New York City`~`

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So I went to NYC yesterday and it was fun! I went though Center Park and into the Zoo. At Nintendo World I only got plushes. Here's a list of what I got there!


Ho-Ho Poke-Doll
Lugia Poke-Doll
Shadow Lugia Poke-Doll
Lapras Poke-Doll
Pachirisu Poke-Doll
Giratina Origin Form Poke-Doll
Kirby Animal Form Plush

And I got 24,028 steps in all on my Poke-Walker! That's a lot of walking!

I'll be posting pictures sooner or later. Once I get them... O.O"


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  1. Bobreeder's Avatar
    I saw the pictures on FB, cool
  2. Flareon's Avatar
    Thank goodness I don't have to be jealous of you with those Poke Dolls. xD
    Just be sure not to use them in wild encounters to get away from Pokemon while you're EV training and accidentally run through a really strong area without switching your Pokemon around!

    Anyway, nice to hear you had fun. ^^
  3. iNot's Avatar
    pokedollssss. how awesome for you. ^_^

    Australia .. doesn't have a store where you can buy these. D: There's heaps of fakes ... and expensive online stuff, but no actual nintendo store. =(
  4. becnoir's Avatar
    Yeah ebay is one place there are a lot of fakes!
  5. laprasman's Avatar
    I also got like a bajilion steps when I walked around NYC.


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