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Ho Hum

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Seems like lots of people are busy with school or some such, as a lot of activity that once was has died down.

I myself, am somewhat delusional about the amount of work I have to do for school. The last day of classes is April 26th, and the last day I have a test is May 3rd. Final grades are due (from the professors) by May 8th, at 11am. This is all well and dandy, but I'm sorta panicking because I only have 6 more days of classes, 2 exams, and 3 or 4 more papers to attend, take and write. EVER. I'm graduating this spring, getting my diploma, and I'm never going to be a full time student again. No more 0830 classes, no more labs until 6pm. Hopefully no more forced all-nighters, and certainly not more than one in a row.

I can't say I'm looking forward to going into the real world, but I sure am ready to stop my formal education. I've been at this for 16 years and I think I'm ready to be done with that part. Now I just need to find a way to pay for medications, doctor/dentist visits and all that jazz.

I'll still be around here, though. :) Why, I still need to pick up a Riolu from Tani, drop Buzz's Dratini back home and make my dream of an event with nothing but quad or more flawless IVs.

Now, back to my paper.

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  1. lil_ash's Avatar
    I know how you feel, I finish University in May, I've got so much to do. 2 TV/Radio scripts, 4 essays, a match report, 2 features for Journalism... And then the thought of "What do i do next?"

    I'm sure we'll be fine.

    Good luck for finishing everything!
  2. Flareon's Avatar
    The delusion is what keeps me sane, while the reality makes sure I keep enough haste in my process to get it done on time. I do think I have stepped on a few too many toes this time, though; I've a Programming assignment to finish by next week, a Web assignment to finish by next week and the grand daddy of them all; my final year project, to finish by this coming Friday... and I feel that none of them are even close to being finished. (more so my Programming assignment, which I... heh... haven't started... ^^;; ) I'm now just trying to make sure my Project gets done by Thursday so I have time to get it bound and handed in. So long as I get that sorted out, I'll be happy... ish. Web is a Group Assignment, so I'm kind of hoping my partner for that won't mind if I shirk it for a bit to get my Project done and Programming started. I'll see if I can get some stuff for the site done, though...

    I think my main problem with this final year is its gone by way too quickly and there have been far too many assignments to do; I've not even worked on my Project as much as I'd have liked to because I've always had something forcing my attention from it, like an assignment that needs to be handed in tomorrow that's only half-complete and the like. If the workload wasn't so harsh, I think I'd have been a lot better off, but meh.

    Anyway, good luck with yours; hopefully its going smoother than mine, heh... ^^;;


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