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Spring Break has started~

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So, spring break started today. It goes onto next Sunday, but not this Sunday. I might go to New York over Spring Break too! I really want some PokeDolls. So, thats all for this blog!

See ya next time!


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  1. Bobreeder's Avatar
    I'd feel cheated with a break going from saturday until sunday of the same week xP
  2. Kurt's Avatar
    LOL, Thor

    Enjoy your break, Julia! ^__^ Does school end late for you this year, then?
  3. becnoir's Avatar
    I think it ends in June....
  4. Flareon's Avatar
    Aww... You make me jealous... I have a few reasons why I'd visit New York and that's one of them... xD

    Hope you enjoy your break. ^^


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