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07/04/10 - *Sad Face*

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Evening all.

In a bit of a negative mood today. Not only did Arsenal get well and truly beat by Lionel Messi last night, I had a rubbish day at work which involved my line manager leaving work early, meaning I had to stay late to cover (I work on a help desk) so I missed out on about 2 hours worth of EV training my Marrill.

Which brings me nicely on to Pokemon. I went on my Diamond for the first time since getting Soul Silver yesterday and just bred loads of Marrill's for this tournament at the end of April. I got quite lucky and got one with IV's I'm happy with in my first batch, so now I just need to EV train it up. Should be fun. I like the idea of putting the same Pokemon against each other to test move sets and IV and stuff. Makes it more interesting then just having the same old counter to the same old Pokemon you see on the competitive side of battling.

I made a bit of a fool of myself on Tuesday (I think) when I posted about the roaming Pokes in Soul Silver. I ranted about Arena Trap not working against Lati@s, failing to remember that it wouldn't because Lati@s has Levitate (d'oh). But oh well, we learn from our mistakes and move on....

I still need to actually go for a stroll in the Yellow Forest on my PokeWalker and try and catch a Surfing/Flying Pika. That would be fun to have, although not sure on it's practicability because it probably wont see any competitive game play and I'm guessing you cant breed the moves down.

Anyways, I think that's me done for today. Cant really think of much else. Feel free to leave me some comments if you want....

Matt x

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  1. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Flying/Surfing pikachu are, I think, more for novelty value than practicality.

    Mine are probably just going to remain as trophies.