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Ultrasound! <3

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Sprout has been decided to be... *looks around* a girl. Nothing showed up between her legs and the ultrasound technician was fairly sure that the baby is a girl. One thing that allows me to believe that she's already acting like me, as soon as we tried for a face picture, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out at us! :p She was awful shy at first and kept her legs together for the longest time and we couldn't find out till we did a second attempt after waiting a few minutes and me rolling around to try to get her to move into a position where we could tell. She didn't like me rolling from side to side though, she kicked me each time, rude lil girl. :mad: But she's about 10 oz and has a 140 bpm heartrate. :)

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  1. Rolytic's Avatar
    Tbud, that's awesome! Now I can pick something to send Sprout. Muahaha. I suppose I should find out where the post office is too. >.>
  2. Taterbud's Avatar
    @Rolytic~ Thanks!! Can't wait for sprout's pressie! Posted some pics on my :P album of the baby.
  3. Kay's Avatar

    *starts shopping*

    Hehehehehe. I definitely think you should seriously consider the idea of a Pokefarm babyshower! We send pressies, then you open them over Skype or something, hahaha.

    Have you started thinking of names for Sprout? I'd like to suggest "Phanpy."

    <3 you Kate dear!
  4. Cherkat's Avatar
    Great pictures Kate You look beautiful and your niece is so adorable! Make sure to text your addy so I can send something pretty. Much health and happiness to you and sprout
  5. Killerjeff88's Avatar
    oooh its a girl!!! yipee
    *finds a present for miss sprout*
    will a pichu do?


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