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With the ongoing Spawn and three papers to be written, I find this the perfect time to try and motivate myself to do some art.

I like intricate and realistic stuff, but I would also like to come up with my own style and OC at some point. To get this, I feel I need to at least one sketch a day, even if I don't think I need it. Maybe I can get some left-handed writing in as well. So captions/descriptions written with my left hand, and bad drawings (for now) daily.

These won't all be pokemon related, but if they are and I get enough of them, I'll make a thread in the art section. Otherwise, about a week from now, I'll post them to dA for your viewing pleasure (PG, of course) - Oh! I'll also post the sketch requests from ages ago as soon as I find my stupid cord to my camera.

And why am I telling you this? because if I tell you, then I feel semi-obligated to go through with it.

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  1. Flareon's Avatar
    I know the feeling when it comes to having loads of school/Uni work going on. I currently have two practical assignments, (I need to create a program and website (the latter in a group, the former also has a report attached) and two other reports; one of which needs to be handed in next Monday and the rest are throughout April. While tomorrow, I have a phase test to complete... at 10am. Makes me cry...

    But indeed; its always good to do something you enjoy in the middle of all the madness, if you can find the time. Its kind of why I took up the whole Pokemon Tales 'fic thing, which I should really get back to work on, having left it for a month or two, now... *cough*

    But you've got someone curious now, so you better follow it through! lol
  2. Bobreeder's Avatar
    And why am I telling you this? because if I tell you, then I feel semi-obligated to go through with it.
    I feel the same way :P

    I really hope you go through with it, I'd love to see some more art on these forums!


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