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Johto Journies

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I was going to post a blog over all of my adventures in HeartGold. Then I realized two things: a, that it'd be boring unless I turned it into a fanfic, and b, that this was easier.

Feel free to read/follow my Twitter account; I've been doing a lot of random updating on different things I've done, seen, and found funny in the game. Or don't...whatever you want.

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  1. Cherkat's Avatar
    OMG I still find myself pressing down as hard as I can on my "A" button each time I cast a pokeball. What a noob move
  2. Killerjeff88's Avatar
    same here. i feel like the pokemon will pop out if i dont hold A. hahahaha
  3. Cherkat's Avatar
    Me too I actually did not hold down "A" last night and managed to catch a drowsee and a caterpie. However, you can bet that I will be holding down on the "A" button when I try to catch Lugia
  4. Kurt's Avatar
    Haha! I don't even remember where and when I read that it would help; must've been yeaaaars ago. I know I did it in Pearl and Platinum, and apparently the "tradition" continues with this one. xD
  5. Killerjeff88's Avatar
    well bad habits doesnt go away that easy
    i'll still doing it although its against my will.
  6. Bobreeder's Avatar
    In RB, holding down A+B/rapidly tapping them (don't remember which) supposedly made the Pokemon easier to catch. I tried it, but it didn't work too well so I stopped using it sometime during Gold
  7. Rolytic's Avatar
    For RBY, I used to press Down + B as the ball flew toward the pokemon, and press left and right as it was shaking. I was completely convinced this worked until some time during Crystal. >.>


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