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Title sounds corny and nonsensical, but what can you do? ('s alphabetical order. Oooh. *hears "oh!" from the collective readers*)

Last weekend, I participated in my town's Concerto Competition. The winner(s) each year perform their solo, with orchestra accompaniment, in the final concert of the season in May. I went in with a piece that I began playing last summer, but put away for a long time...until the week before the competition. It's the same piece that I'm playing at State Solo & Ensemble, but since, until that week, I was working on my piece for District S&E, I hadn't touched the other piece. Fast-forward to a week before the competition, and I need a piece that has orchestra backing. Naturally, the one I'd been working on didn't have one, but this other one did, so I picked it up and began playing it again (since I was going to anyway for State). With that in mind, it may be a little more understandable as to why I didn't figure I'd win the competition.
The day comes (this is last Sunday, by the way), and I went in in the early afternoon for the audition. Nothing too exciting happens--I get through the piece, wreck the one really nasty measure that I knew I would wreck anyway, and said "what happens happens," not expecting to win.
Normally, the winner(s) are announced later that day, during the orchestra rehearsal, but our director said he'd make his decision next week. Great...make me wait even longer to find out I've lost; thanks. So, I went to rehearsal this week figuring I'd lose. We take a break an hour through rehearsal, and he says "I have a winner...well, some announce." He names off the first clarinet...
the first violin...
the two jerkwad trumpet players.
I wasn't all that dismayed that I'd lost; after all, I hadn't gone in expecting to win--but ugh, those blasted trumpet players won again. I swear, their heads were as big as the whole room when he announced that. I turned to the other trombone player (we both auditioned and have been good friends/stand partners in several ensembles since eighth grade) and we just shook our heads, haha. What also frustrated me was that the horn player, who is *really* good, but is much more modest and reserved than the trumpet players, didn't win. I heard her audition, and I really feel she deserved it. It's so frustrating sometimes...but what can you do? Oh, well. (Speaking of which, the first trumpet player, who's a junior at my school, is seriously considering auditioning for Interlochen, a music-centered boarding school in the north of the state. I want him to go so he'll get knocked down a couple pegs once he realizes he's not as good as he thinks he is. >.>)

You read that right...PFAL stands for PokeFarm Academic League, and my goodness, it may finally be happening. For those of you who are newer to the PF scene, I'll catch you up; I believe it was fall 2008 when I first had the idea to do a Quiz Bowl-like tournament on PokeFarm. We did a few "invitational" meets before I had planned on organizing an actual league, but it never ended up happening. I'd like to finally start it up, so I've been writing questions for it and they're already coming along well. If you're interested in participating, please talk it up to your friends and to me so that I know there's interest! I'm hoping for 16 to 32 players so that I can do 8 or 16 teams of two.

QuizBusters is a TV show produced at/by Michigan State University for the local PBS affiliate. 64 mid-Michigan high school teams compete in their taped and televised tournaments each year. This year, I was among the four members chosen to play from our school, and I was also the captain (basically, the only thing the captain does is give the team's "official" answers for bonus questions). I wasn't really nervous...more of a sense of excitement than anything. We lost, but it was a fun experience...and, of course, I got to be on TV. lol If you'd like to see the video, it's posted here (though it's in a Real Media Player format -_-). You'll also get to listen to my voice...lucky you. >.<

Busy week for me in the musical field--I had the audition/rehearsal for our county honors band yesterday, our community band has rehearsals tonight and Thursday night, I have a trombone lesson tomorrow, our school has band festival Friday and Saturday (I'm helping run the sightreading room on Friday and we perform on Saturday), I have a dress rehearsal for the youth orchestra on Saturday morning, and concerts from both the orchestra and community band on Sunday. I hope my lips will still buzz by Sunday evening... hahaha

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  1. cowmoo83's Avatar
    Oh yeah! Our school is hosting the choir festival this year! I couldn't be a helper though cause I couldn't skip any of my classes or I'd get behind! ugh...
  2. Kurt's Avatar
    Since ours is Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, we don't have to worry about school conflicts. I'm working Friday evening; I would've signed up for Saturday morning, but it overlaps with my orchestra rehearsal. :/
  3. Pikadude609's Avatar
    Gonna download Real Player and watch it later. Sucks that you need to download something to watch it. Is it not on YouTube?
  4. predictions of doom's Avatar
    I downloaded the RealPlayer and was happily surprised to learn that it comes with a handy "download" toolbar. Watch out, Doctor Who videos. You shall soon live on my computer. ^.^

    The QuizBusters was intense! How do you even know any of that stuff?

    Ahaha, PFAL. I'll def join, if it ever starts.
  5. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    Don't you get questions in like 4 packages of 100, then they choose a random 50? That's kinda how it works all up in Canada, eh?
  6. Kurt's Avatar
    @George: No; it's not on YouTube, as far as I know.
    @Gwen: Glad you enjoyed it! ^_^ And'll start. >.>
    @Trent: I don't know how they obtain the questions. What I do know is that several companies write questions and send them everywhere for use in tournaments and things like these.
  7. Deneves's Avatar
    You should have challenged Aaron to a pokemon battle right there!
  8. Kurt's Avatar
    I was like, "I could say that on TV, too...but I think I look nerdy enough for one TV show." xD What I really should have done is sent a link to PF his way!
  9. predictions of doom's Avatar
    N0t, we actually have these in Canada?


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