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Third check up

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Went to the obgyn yesterday for my third check up to see how the baby's doing, the baby's healthy and still has a strong heartbeat.
We were able to schedule for the ultrasound, it'll be done next month on the 24th, soooooo very excited about that, I'll be able to find out the sex of the baby, well, as long as the baby's in a showy position, ha ha, so hopefully the baby won't be shy! :)
The past week I redesigned my room and the baby now has a third of it, giving the baby 6'x10'. There is now room for the crib, the bassinet, and a small dresser with a changing pad on top.
We already have the crib, the dresser and bassinet, but have to get mattresses and the changing pad. And once we find out the baby's sex, I'm def' gonna start looking at clothes! o3o

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  1. Kay's Avatar
    Awww, yay!!

    Pssst, I have a couple questions for Sprout.

    Does Sprout like Happy Bunny? What are Sprout's favourite pokemon? And will Sprout be wearing typical baby pastels, or more daring colours for baby like black and hot pink and red and such?
  2. Rolytic's Avatar
    This'll sound creepy, but I kinda want your address so I can get you a present or something.
    Also, there are really soft baby security blankets at Target. I know because I have 3 of them. (Tiddliwinks security for the win! Age 0-6mon? BAH)
  3. Taterbud's Avatar
    @Roly~ I'll send you my address, I don't find it creepy, I think it's really sweet and awesome of you!
    @Kara~ Sprout loves Happy Bunny, ha ha, and Sprout will be wearing awesome clothes, and fun colors, but even if Sprout turns out to be a girl, no pink!!!! Once they can pick their own clothes then whatever color they like is fine, but while I have control, bleh to pink, ha ha. XD Oh, and as for favorite pokemon, I don't know yet, but if I'm picking for Sprout for the moment, Sprout will be dressed as Pichu for Halloween, I'm going to work on a Pikachu outfit for myself and a Pichu outfit for the baby.
  4. Kay's Avatar
    That will be SO AMAZING! I can't wait to see that!
  5. Deneves's Avatar
    Maybe Sprout should be dressed as a Taterbudew?
  6. Taterbud's Avatar
    @Dennis~ noooooooo, ha ha, the baby will be so cute with little pointed ears!! XD
  7. Ryan493's Avatar
    Nice to hear it's going all right!
  8. Taterbud's Avatar
    @Ryan~ thanks!! *hugs*
  9. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    Just don't assume the gender. My parents were wrong with BOTH me and my brother.

    Oooo! When's it due? I may have missed that in another blog.
  10. Taterbud's Avatar
    @N0t~ It's due on August 17th.
  11. Pikadude609's Avatar
    Can't wait to find out which gender it is Hope everything is all going well for you
  12. Taterbud's Avatar
    @George~ thanks and I can't wait either!
  13. toys4life's Avatar
    How very exciting


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