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I apologize for my absence as of late.
I've gone back to work.
I am tired.
Well not so much tired, as I am sleepy.
Not having a car takes its toll on you.
I have to get up at 4 to be at work by 6.
Least there's always something to look forward to:
1. Teh Monies
2. More time to do stuff when I get home.

I have not completely strayed from teh Pokémanz.
I am currently breeding for CFF's next event!
What is thefuriousangel up to?!
I'll never tell...
You'll just have to wait and see.
and I still pop into Pokéfarm every now and then.
So feel free to leave me some love!
I love to read your guy's randomness!

ex oh ex oh


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  1. Kay's Avatar
    *leaves love* <3
  2. Kurt's Avatar
    *randomness, love, and the like*
  3. Cherkat's Avatar
    *leaves a caffeinated beverage of Jenny's choice, along with a bottle of B vitamins*


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