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Star wars the force unleashed

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Ok so this game had to be reviewed

The game has actually got a good story. You were on kashyyk when darth vader and the imperials attack. Darth vader fights your father and beats him and then he sees you. The clones aim their guns at you but darth vader kills them. He takes you back to his ship. Then years later he has a chat to you telling you you need to train to kill. You go to a few planets but there is one place you keep going to which is he jedi temple, you train against there systems. You arent known by either the sith or jedi. Then when you return from a mission the emperor comes and sees you with darth vader. He orders vader to kill you which vader does. Then he rebuilds you and sends you to gain an army to killl the emperor

The use of the wii remote makes it easy to battle. By swinging the wii remote you pull out the lightsaber and swing it around. The nunchuk is used to control the force. It makes the game very easy to play.

There are quite a few extras. With the lightsaber you can change the blade color, the power it increases and the handle of the lightsaber. You also get good costumes. You get costumes which are special like darth maul and anakin. There is a downside to this. When you are in a character costume the cutscenes wont play and you wont get to see them.

For the gameplay i would give it a 4 out of 5
For the interface i would give it a 5 out of 5
For the extras i would give it a 3 out of 5

I think that the custom costumes should still have the cutscenes playing. There should be more force powers with more customisation. You should be able to change your characters facial features. It would be better if it was based on your miis.

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  1. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    Tell me, I've heard a lot about the physics engine and the AI. Are they as awesome as they've been hyped or are they like every other game?
  2. mewmaster's Avatar
    No it is a quite different game
  3. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    Coolies. I might have to get it just so that I can go around destroying stuff and enjoying those two cool features.
  4. Sorgatani's Avatar
    We hired this game and my brother really likes it. He likes that you can kill a robot by throwing a rock at it repeatedly.
  5. Momtaro's Avatar
    Is Jar-Jar in it? I would really like to light-saber him!
  6. mewmaster's Avatar
    SO far i havent seen jar jar
    Momtaro my favourite is when you use full power lightning
  7. Kurt's Avatar
    Light-saber Jar-Jar?! But Jar-Jar's sweet!!!
  8. mewmaster's Avatar
    I saw a video on the internet where darth vader killed jarjar


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