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Second Check Up!

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Today was a short visit, but I got to hear my baby's heartbeat. It was very cool, the baby had a heartbeat of 160, which is very good. I think I'm even more excited now after hearing the baby and knowing it's doing well in there. :D
Gonna go to my second prenatal fitness class tomorrow, it's pretty fun and only 2 dollars a session and it's once a week, so much cheaper than any gym ever! Ha ha. :)

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  1. Rolytic's Avatar
    I'm so glad to know you're doing okay! That's a pretty sweet deal on gym you got going there. Good luck to you and sprout.
  2. Ryan493's Avatar
    So uh do you know the baby's gender yet?
    And nice to know it's going well.
  3. Taterbud's Avatar
    @Rolytic ~ Thanks! And yeah, the workouts are pretty nice and fitted toward us preggies, ha ha.
    @Ryan ~ Nope, not yet, not for at least seven more weeks. >.<
  4. Cherkat's Avatar
    Hearing the heartbeat for the first time is a thrilling moment

    In addition to keeping fit, make sure to eat lots of yummy food and take your prenatal vitamins.
  5. Taterbud's Avatar
    @Cherise ~ I'm eating well and taking my prenatal vitamins every day.
  6. Kay's Avatar
    That is SO COOL! I'm so excited for you. Do you know what kind of birth you'll be doing, or haven't thought as far as a birth plan yet? Are you gonna get some maternity pics done? POKEFARM BABY SHOWER?!??!??? <3
  7. Killerjeff88's Avatar
    AWESOME! Hope you two goes well. Will be waiting for Pokefarm Baby Shower
  8. Taterbud's Avatar
    @Kara ~ I'm thinking of doing natural without any drugs, ha ha, but we'll see how well that pans out later. XD
    Dunno about maternity pics, maybe.
    And as for a pokefarm baby shower.. do I get pressies? ha ha ha XD
    Could maybe do a large pokefarm skype call or something!
    @Jeff ~ Thanks, and we'll see what maybe can happen with that idea, ha ha.
  9. Rolytic's Avatar
    Man, I would totally send you a present. Shipping would be easy, I live in OH too. I'd just have problem picking out something you'd like.
  10. Taterbud's Avatar
    @ Roly ~ Heck, if I get pressies for me or the baby, then yeah we'll have a pokefarm baby shower! ha ha ha
    Hmm.. wonder if maybe the ladies of pokefarm would figure out how to set one up for me.... *telepathically tries to suggest ideas to nana, momtaro, and cherise* hee hee


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