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I'm so stuck in Explorers of Sky! I'm in that place where you run after Chatot to fight the Kabutops and 2 Omastars. My Phanpy's stinking ground typing and Eevee's normal typing is at a SEVERE disadvantage in almost every dungeon, so I was out of reviver seeds before getting to that battle. Then I lost, and ALL OF MY ITEMS ARE GONE!!! There's no way I can beat those guys without items. Are there any of you out there that can tell me what I'm supposed to do? Do I have to start the freaking game over again?

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  1. Sorgatani's Avatar
    little useless information Tani picked up during her 'PMD' gameplaying: you *don't* have to go into the dungeons they tell you to until you want to - so build up your stock first! I believe you can swap escape orbs for reviver seeds at the recycling shop, so you could go through marowak's dungeon a few times to build those up too

    See... if you do other dungeons than the one you're supposed to, the storyline doesn't progress, but... it takes the stress out.

    Hope this helps ^_^
  2. Kay's Avatar
    See, I did do that. But Phanpy and Eevee (well mostly Eevee) are so HORRIBLE in most of the dungeons that all the reviver seeds were used up before I got to the main battle. And then like my entry says, one death and ALL my other items - battling items etc. - disappeared. I thought it was only supposed to take half, but it took all but an apple and one of the more useless orbs.
  3. Ryan493's Avatar
    Well, what moves do you and your partner know?
  4. Kay's Avatar
    Let's see if I can remember without getting my DS out.
    natural gift
    ancient power

    vacuum cut
    quick attack
    ...?? don't remember

    I can never get Eevee to do what I want her to do anyway.
  5. Kay's Avatar
    And I know they aren't the best moves but they are the best I've had opportunity to teach them yet, both through level up and the TMs that are randomly generated. You wouldn't believe how many "dive" TMs I find...
  6. Ryan493's Avatar
    well, take the moves off of the thingie so it doesn't use it. make it stay behind you enough so that it doesn't get hurt but uses quick attack or just bite your way through them. just keep it on the one respective move. and you use ancientpower....try that
  7. Sorgatani's Avatar
    I remember going through the game with a skitty and a chikorita - skitty, by virtue of it's ability (normalize), was pretty useless; and chikorita had a disadvantage to almost every boss I ever had to face - especially dialga >.<
  8. Flareon's Avatar
    There's no need to restart. I've not tried it, but I'm sure you can always go back to Treasure Town and resupply. (despite the game automatically sending you to that dungeon) In particular, pick up an ungodly amount of Stun Seeds and a few Sleep Seeds; (at least three of each and ONLY use Sleep Seeds when you and your partner are standing RIGHT next to the Pokemon you want to attack; if you move close to them, they'll awaken) you can paralyse them from the word go, set up, move in close (your partner won't attack, while they're stunned) and take them out one by one, putting them to sleep to make it even easier. I did this to Dialga and I only ended up using Reviver Seeds because Roar of Time did 150+ damage to my barely Level 40 duo of Eevee and Vulpix when I attacked it after setting up, lol

    Protect is pretty handy too, and I would say is a MUST for the latter part of the "Time" arc of the game; especially if you manage to find Earthquake. (Eevee would enjoy being able to fend off the friendly fire) As is carrying around with you about 5-6 Reviver Seeds. Assuming you take advantage of Stun Seeds, if you have Helping Hand on Eevee, abuse it while you have free reign by 'turning off' Eevee's other moves. (I believe the option is "Set" when you select a move)

    Just DON'T forget to set their moves back on when you're done. 'Twould be bad.
  9. Kay's Avatar
    But how do I go back?
  10. Flareon's Avatar
    You know at the mid-way point with the Kangaskhan Rock? You should just be able to walk down, as if to walk back into the part of the dungeon you've just gone through and it should ask if you want to go back to Treasure Town.


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