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Gaming Blog [ Entry 3 ]: Pokemon Edition (PMD2/3 Spoiler Alert)

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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][b]Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky[3+][NDS][/b]

Son of a southern fried chicken fillet!
I knew how the "Time" portion of the game ended, but they made it so... freaking... sad... I couldn't help but feel a little sad myself. No, really. There were [i]almost[/i] tears.
But yes. This blog entry marks my completion of the "Time" arc of the PMD3: Explorers of Sky storyline. Here's where epic spoilers will probably commence.

So yes! I bought Explorers of Sky, because I didn't even realise when it had been released... heheheh...

Dialga is made of epic freaking win in this game. Primal Dialga has the single most epic tune in a PMD game to go with his battle on top of Temporal Tower and I always crack a smile when I first hear it kicking in. On top of that, Primal Dialga's colours are just freaking awesome. Bet you'd love seeing that thing pop out of a Poke ball in the games, huh!? xD But how epic those things are, Dialga's a pretty kind Legendary. But he still has his spice of evil. I mean, he left it for MONTHS after the Temporal Tower incident to grant your partners' and your wish-- a kind of reward for both the assistance of stopping the destruction of the Tower and the fact that Dialga could feel the sorrow of your partner as they left Temporal Tower on the Rainbow Stoneship. Which begs the question; "What took you so long to act!?"
I guess his power over time could have been weakened with the Tower's near-destruction, which could probably explain the delay of epic proportions, but wow. Dialga.

Unfortunately, the battle is amazingly easy, which is why I managed to beat him at such a low level than what I've seen some do so at; (some I've seen go out of their way to make sure they're at Level 46+, and I can see why... Roar of Time would have killed me in one hit, if I didn't have any Reviver Seeds... xD ) I used Protect, then just stunned him with a Stun Seed, shuffled up, used Helping Hand and let Vulpix destroy him with Flamethrower; after using Protect one more time and then throwing a Sleep Seed at him. Vulpix was doing 150+ damage each turn. xD

Anyway, the storyline is kind of like that of Terminator; where Kyle Reese(sp?) goes back to prevent Sarah Conner's murder at the hands of a Terminator, you are a Human turned Pokemon, who is trying to save the world from its disastrous future, with some enemy Pokemon sent back to make your task all the more gruelling by trying to prevent your doing so.
...okay. That's [i]nothing[/i] like Terminator. But you see the small similarities... right...? =D
There's a nice little catch, though; as with the original PMD games, your character develops (convenient) amnesia, but retains the knowledge that they were once Human and what their name is. Amnesia is a pretty old method for driving the plot, but the simplicity and innocence that the PMD games play with it make it an acceptable use; at least for me. Some of the aspects of your characters' case of amnesia are played pretty well and made even better by the fact that you're now seen as a Pokemon, rather than who you were to the characters you'll encounter as you progress through the "Time" arc of the story. You get a nice assortment of characters, too; from your partner, (which you get to choose from a list of specific Pokemon) the 'time gear thief', Grovyle and right up to the Guildmaster, who I think is the most correct definition of what a Wigglytuff's personality would be like.

The music is pretty nice; as I mentioned earlier, you have the astoundingly epic score that is Primal Dialga's battle theme, but you've also got nice calm pieces, such as those you hear later in the game in the snow-based Dungeon and the cheerful theme for Treasure Town.

The additions to Sky make the game so much better than that of Time and Darkness; in particular, you now have an extra save point to use right next to the exit of the town, so you don't have to always run back to your room to save. The Cafe is a favourite of mine. You have the Recycle shop, where you can trade in items for something else, but there's Spinda's drinks-- he'll take your Gummis and really make them boost that IQ, saving you the trouble of hoarding them, then using them in Dungeons to boost your IQ, like you had to in Time and Darkness.
The fake items are pretty interesting, too. Would you like a Reviser Seed? xD

Overall, its an enjoyable game, but people who aren't really a fan of the Pokemon franchise would probably be hard pressed to truly enjoy the game. Its a dungeon crawler, but for me, the storyline and features keep me interested over that.

[b][u]PMD: Explorers of Sky Stats:[/u][/b]
[b]Team Teshaera[/b]
[b]Main Character:[/b] Eevee (Level 39) (I cheated on gender only; all the questions pointed me to Jolly the first time around. xD )
[b]Partner:[/b] Vulpix (Level 40)

[b]Currently:[/b] Pre-Graduation (Darkness Arc)
[b]Notable Members:[/b]
Tauros (Level 32)
Absol (Level 32)
Shroomish (Level 29)
Whiscash (Level 13) (first recruit)[/COLOR]

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  1. Ryan493's Avatar
    I love Explorers of Sky! The music's great, the new Pokemon in it, and the Sky Jukebox (which I haven't been able to use yet...) and yes, Dialga's theme is pretty cool.
    I haven't played it in a while, I'm trying to get back into it, so...yeah ^-^.