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Search for... Smoking Hot Torkoals

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Torkoals can be found by using the pokéradar in both the patches on Route 227 and Stark Mountain. Both patches look about the same in size and and both are smokey from Stark Mountain. The patch on Stark Mountain has a bad tendency to end chains even in the middle of the patch. I am not sure if this has something to do with the falling ash or not, but it can be frustrating so I recommend chaining the patch on Route 227.
Be wary of the ledge on the southern side of this patch. If you accidentally step off of it there is no way to return and keep your chain going. There is also a smaller ledge on the eastern side that doesn't cause as much problems, but can leave you confused as how to safely return to your resetting spot.
If you are looking for Torkoals only chase the fast shaking spots as they are a pokéradar exclusive. Make sure your lead is above 56 to keep your repels effective.

[B]Level:[/B] 51-53
[B]EV value:[/B] 2 Defense EVs
[B]Hold Item:[/B] none
[B]Move-set:[/B][LIST][*][URL=""]Lava Plume[/URL][*][URL=""]Iron Defense[/URL][*][URL=""]Amnesia[/URL][*][URL=""]Flail[/URL] [/LIST]
[B]Highest level pokémon in area: [/B] 56
[B]Special Moves needed to get to the area:[/B] none
[B]Catch Rate:[/B] 90
[B]Appearance Rate:[/B] 12 %
[B]Recommended Synchronizer:[/B] Torkoal's speed is dreadful, so any nature that sacrifices that will be good. [B]Relaxed[/B] adds to its impressive defense, but [B]Quiet[/B] or [B]Sassy[/B] would also be beneficial.
[B]Ability:[/B] [B]White Smoke[/B] prevents its stats from being lowered by opponents

Toarkoals can be a handful to take down with physical attacks. Use special attacks to faint them. Water, Ground and Rock are all super effective.
It will usually take two False Swipes to lower its HP. It's not the toughest catch so you don't need to get it down in the red. Great Balls will usually work if you have the HP down to a third. Bring Burn Heals or Rawst berries as Lava Plume has a 30% chance to burn opponents. Remember that this is a high level area and if you plan use a synchronizer, make sure it is level 57 or fainted as it is discouraging to chain to 40 and lose your chain to this error.

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  1. Crymzon1980's Avatar
    I bet that must've been a fun quest hunting down those torkoals
  2. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    Ooo. Wow, how many times do you think you fell off the edge? XP

    Hmmm. I'll have to try this.
  3. Deneves's Avatar
    I have done it before so I stayed clear of that edge this chain. I prefer to reset 5 steps from a wall so I bounce back & forth 5 times between resets. I actually went looking for black Camerupts, but these kept showing up so I went with them.


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