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Search for... Red Hot Sun and Cool Blue Moon Meteorites

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[B]Solrocks[/B] and [B]Lunatones[/B] are GBA insert pokémon, with Solrock only available when Ruby is in the DS and Lunatones only when Sapphire is inserted. They can be chained at all three lakes, Mt Coronet and Sendoff Springs. While some may prefer battling these at higher levels (38-40) for the experience points, I usually like to catch them while they are young. At Lake Verity, they can be found at level 4, which makes moves like False Swipe and Covet work fine even against a Rock types.
Bring plenty of repels as GBA insert pokémon have a low appearance rate so patience is needed here. Also be wary of Wobbuffets that lurk around all three lakes in the fast shaking spots. Be prepared to faint them unless your lead has a Shed Shell. You'll want to avoid as using two turn attacks (Fly, Dig, etc.) against them as they can set you up for a Destiny Bond.
This is a good spot to use a Frisky Banette, as these are both Psychic/Rock types and Shadow moves will be very effective and you should be able to Thieve a few evolution stones from them.

For Lake Verity:
[B]Level:[/B] 4
[B]EV value:[/B] 2 Attack EVs for Solrock and 2 SpAttack EVs for Lunatone
[B]Hold Item:[/B] Sun Stone, 5% of Solrocks or Moon Stone in 5% of Lunatones
[B]Highest level pokémon in area: [/B] 4
[B]Special Moves needed to get to the area:[/B] Surf
[B]Catch Rate:[/B] 45
[B]Appearance Rate:[/B] 8%
[B]Recommended Synchronizer:[/B] Solrocks are more physical in Attack and Defense, so I recommend Adamant or Impish. Lunatones are stronger on the special side of Attack and Defense so go with Modest or Calm.
Another way to go is if you want the special stones that they carry is to have a lead with Compound Eyes ability as is will greatly increase the odds of finding them.
[B]Ability:[/B] Levitate makes them immune to Ground attacks, along with Spike or Toxic Spike damage

Like all chaining spots, Lake Verity has a 9x9 patch to chain in. Once you reach 40, I recommend that you reset one step above the middle of this patch as the whole bottom row is obscured by the treeline. You will be missing three patches in the upper right, but that is better than nine for the whole bottom row. Also this avoids the chance of running into a hidden shaking spot while resetting your pokéradar.
Solrocks and Lunatones aren't easy to catch. False Swipe is needed for sure and status inducers will also be helpful. If you are like most of us, you have a supply of Nest Balls and you are wondering where to use them. Well this is the spot. Nest Balls are more effective against lower level pokémon, 3x against pokémon under level 20. The game is designed so that most pokémon that you encounter early in the game have a high catch rate so that players can use normal pokéballs as that may be all that is available. Nest Balls would be overkill for these easily caught pokémon. Once you get one in the books Repeat Balls should work just as well and, as always, Dusk Balls work the best after 8 PM.

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