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Avatar 3-D

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Wow! What an incredible cinematic experience.

For anyone thinking about going, do see it in 3-D and be prepared to be amazed

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  1. Krispy's Avatar
    The visual effects were stunning, for sure. I saw it in 3-D as well, but did not think it was necessarily better than if it had been in 2-D. My comrades and I think it may have been our place in the theater that made it so.
  2. Ryan493's Avatar
    I saw it, was pretty great movie. Though I saw it in regular 2-D...
  3. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    I saw it. Front row. I thought I was gonna throw up after I was so dizzy, but as for the movie itself...
  4. Kay's Avatar
    I'm seeing it tomorrow! I can't wait! Not in 3-d though because it's extra money for something that never works consistently for me and my bad eyes (the red/blue kind doesn't work period, and the polarized kind fades in and out and gives me a headache). Was the 3d really that much better than 2d?
  5. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    I saw it again today and the theatre gave out the wrong glasses! Was brutal until you wore the glasses upside down!
  6. Cherkat's Avatar
    Kay - I only saw it in 3D so I don't have a benchmark for comparison, but it was amazing in 3D. I saw it in a brand new theatre so the screen was in pristine condition and maybe the projector too? See it in 2D and then if you want to see it again, try for a 3d equipped theatre.

    @Steve so you saw it twice? I can't wait to see it again

    We sat in the second to the last row, right in the center, amazing Even my Mom was blown away by the CG;( She kept ooing and aahing
  7. ice_tomb9's Avatar
    I saw it in regular 2-D and me and my friends thought it was amazing!
  8. blastburn's Avatar
    It was amazing.
    I too like Steve watched it two times.
  9. razorbeam's Avatar
    i saw it in 3D, The movie itself is amazing. i'm not sure if the 3D was necessary and i don't know why the critics have put their thumbs down on this film. I will get he DVD when it comes out because i really liked it and can';t wait for the next chapters. The only thing i didn't like are the Earthbender's hairdo. Asians don't have curly locks... specially on a boy


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