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Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

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I boght this game a couple of days ago, and it's been fun so far. Yes, you get to travel on a train to the different parts of the land, but it's still a fun game.

You are on a journey, to save the princess from the evil Demon King, but the thing is, the princess' spirit is with YOU!!! The bad guys only needed her body for a ritual, so they cast a spell, seperating her from her body!

Also the Spirit tracks have been disappearing from across the land, and it's up to Link and Zelda to gather the rail maps and restore the Spirit tracks.

I only had the game two days and i'm on my way to the 3rd of the four temples, in which you go to each one, defeat the bosses, and restore peace to each realm, Zelda can assist you by being able to enter vessels known as Phantoms, while you're travelin in the Tower of Spirits, you gather Tears of Light in which you need to hit the Phantoms and Zelda is able to control them.

i have to say this brings an interesting twist to the LoZ series, when at certain points you simultaneously control Link and Zelda, and they can tag team against mini bosses in the Tower.
If you like LoZ and adventure, plus a good challenge, you should try this game out :)

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  1. Ryan493's Avatar
    I've been wanting this game! Cool review, Don
  2. cowmoo83's Avatar
    My mom picked this up for Christmas because it was a mere $25 dollars at target right after it came out! That's a pretty great deal!
  3. XD001's Avatar
    Sounds like in Phantom Hourglass where you tag with Gongoron.
  4. becnoir's Avatar
    This game is on my wishlist. Its a really good game!
  5. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    Sand wand for the fail! Great game, beat it yesterday.


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