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Snow Forts and Caves

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So it snowed like 24 inches or something like that where I live. First I decided to build a a snow fort. My sisters were building on too , but they didn't get much done , so eventually they offered to help build mine if I helped them later (which will be in a long time). It is currently 3 or 4 feet high and growing. I used a simple method of picking up snow in a saucer sled and dumping it on top of the wall. Tonight I went out , but it is to dark out back to make a snow fort , so I decided to make a snow cave in the front by burrowing into a giant mound of snow. I was doing pretty good until I dug to high and broke the ceiling. Soon after the whole thing collapsed on me. Luckily It wasn't much so I got out of . After that I ha to go in because it was 9:15 PM here. Now I just need to finish my Snow fort tommorow :)

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  1. predictions of doom's Avatar
    I wish that there was a like button on this.

    I remember when I used to make hobbit holes in my yard.
    Good times.
  2. becnoir's Avatar
    Sounds fun!

    We only got 2 or 3". If we had more I would of made a snowman that looked like Pikachu!
  3. joinred1127's Avatar
    I got a few feet of snow where I live, about three or so. I could make a snow fort if I wanted to, but I have no winter boots to go outside with, so I've just been standing on our deck and taking pictures.
  4. XD001's Avatar
    I made a snow whale. Not too big, but strong enough to take my weight.