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Baby Steps

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Today I went to the hospital to have my Hips checked, as they are like nothing the doctors have seen before. But anyway basicly my feet rotate out, the Left foot doesn't show it any more, but the Right foot goes out at roughly 90 degrees. Well when I was 8 or was it 9, lol, we went to the hospital about it then, and we were offered surgery, but when looking at it, we thought it was only cosmetic so we decided we would let them sort themselves out. Well recently for the last year or so, I have been getting growing pains, so we went the hospital again.

After an hour, I was told I need surgery to correct both legs! My leg is not properly aligned in both legs and they need to correct it. Well they are going to do them a month apart, meaning I will be on crutches for a month, but then they do the other leg a month later.... I will be in a wheel chair for 3 months maybe more :S I will probably be having this done in May Half Term, but first I need some more scans. I need an MRI scan for my back (query slipped disk @.@) and a CT scan. My parents are being really supportive :) They are planning to go part time and all that for a year. But then we got a phone call from my auntie, she is a very proud and scary woman, but also one of the kindest people, strict but kind. Mum was talking to her about it, and she offered to come and look after me. It really made me well up that she would travel 2 miles and stay with me for the 3 months in the wheel chair.

Anyway enough bad stuff, SNOW DAY! I cant believe it my school is closed.... IT NEVER CLOSES! Mind you we do have 7 inches here xD Big snowball fight, might as well use my legs whilst I have them xD

We have work experience in June/July time, hopefully I can still go, but I have a place at a Primary School, and what I really want to be is a Primary School teacher :D I will have to improve on my story telling though xD Just reading my books out loud.

My Brother: Shut up!
Me: Think of the children!

My brother is turning 18 on Saturday, another adult in the house :roll: Oh well, but anyway, its weird thinking my brothers almost an adult! Makes my Mum feel old! But also the uni he really wants to go to is so far away, I haven't told him but I will really miss him....

My cousin not 1 year old yet has learnt to walk! She is fascinated with our Christmas decorations! Cheeky chops walked to the Christmas Tree and stole a chocolate, then she ruined it by going to my mum and saying 'Look', she can say a few select words.

Timmy Time
What's That

The dog I was getting hasn't been born yet, when it was suppose to be born around now, but the Mother dog didn't get pregnant :S But oh well a dog will still be as special no matter when I get it. But I will be a wheel chair when we get it so it will have someone with it at all times while I am at home. It can love me most xD.

Anyway have I written enough now xD Longest blog of mine so far I would assume!

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  1. cowmoo83's Avatar
    That surgery seems pretty crazy.... O.O It'll all work out though!

    Anyway enough bad stuff, SNOW DAY! I cant believe it my school is closed.... IT NEVER CLOSES! Mind you we do have 7 inches here xD Big snowball fight, might as well use my legs whilst I have them xD

    We haven't had any significant amounts of snowfall lately and it's really annoying! Well, enjoy your snowday!
  2. Kay's Avatar
    That is so nice the way your family will be taking care of you. And a great time to get a puppy! Keep us updated, please. Everything will be just great.
  3. Pikadude609's Avatar
    Good luck for the op. Hope it all goes well and you are back walking fine after

    Also my area had around the same of snow. It was the last day of school which got missed :P. Most schools in my area are shut.
  4. Rolytic's Avatar
    Wow, I think that's the most I've learned about you since I joined! I hope your surgeries go well. I'm sure you'll have lots of time for pokemon and other similar things while recuperating in the hospital.

    I agree with Kay and Brady. We'll need updates, possibly pictures of this future puppy and WHOO snow day!

    If I get the time over winter break, I'll breed you up a Chansey/Happiny to make you feel all better. XD
  5. platinum's Avatar
    Hope the surgery's a success. Also, my stepbrother also isn't a year old and he could walk too.. He's soooo cute. I stayed with him with my dad and stepmom over the summer.


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