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The world of Vowl

Today a very busy day

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So i go todaye to school yippee. Nothing important today again. Hopefully i will do a review in a minute. I would like to say Congratulations to:
Nana nettie, you are a very deserving person to be a moderator and i hope you enjoy your time as one
Nikola tesla, It is good to see you get the powers you deserve. Im glad youre an admin because everyone can trust you.
Slizer107, You have shown true skill as a writer and youre pokefarm musical is amazing.
Update on my triops
I believe they have not survived i looked at them and couldnt see any alive. There may be a good side to this i looked is and saw what i believed to be eggs. I will check this out tomorrow.

My life is going quite well right now. I have started collecting a new magazine which is all about star wars. Its even better because it comes with a model spaceship every time. I got the first one and it came with a millenium falcon.

I was playing on my pokemon mystery dungeon today. For anyone that has it i would reccommend you go onto wifi to recieve wondermail because there are some very interesting item wondermails up there right now. Im getting into drawing pokemon now because i have an art kit near me. My poor guinea pigs were scared last night. We had a big rain storm and they were scared and stayed in a little house in their hutch. When they were checked on this morning they were not moving out their little house.

How many fans of star wars are there on here.I got some really rare items to do with star wars which i found again. They are force fx lightsabers. Annoyingly i hurt my leg today. Now its going into a scab which im not happy about. Im working on my pokemon animations for people. Since cowzown has stopped shiny share i have canceled his so some orders should be ready tomorrow if im lucky.

Also tomorrow i am going to update my comic. It will feature Brendans first battle. I wont say anymore than that otherwise it will spoil the suprise. Hopefully i can get out another release on saturday. If any people have questions about it feel free to pm me.

Have we got any family guy fans. Please tell me if you are. I want to find out. Right now im watching an episode where peter thinks hes a genius and turns out to be mentally challenged. well thats all for me for today.

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