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Pro and Con Segment 2

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Tube socks: Things that warm your legs, or things that cut off your circulation and make you lose your legs!?
Find out in segment two of Pro and Con!

- You can fold them over and they'll look like normal socks, but with more layers of heat
- One sock fits all
- They cover up some of your legs
- Come in many fashionable colors
- They can be customized to support your sports team

- They look weird if it's the summer (unless you wear Birkenstocks)
- If they make you itch, most of your leg will itch, and not just your foot
- Aren't supposed to wear them with sandals
- More static can build up, and when you go to touch a doorknob you get zapped more often (To be tested)
- Make you feel like you have no leg where the socks are, just giant feet (again, to be tested)

That's it for this segment, now get out there and go buy some tortillas!


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Updated 11-27-2009 at 09:10 PM by pikaluva13



  1. predictions of doom's Avatar
    People do wear them in the summer, with Birkenstocks. (Usually with Sweat Pants tucked in)
  2. pikaluva13's Avatar
    pssh, i have that written down xD
    *actually i just edited it...*
  3. Kurt's Avatar
    I think I've sufficiently died of fail. lol
  4. cowmoo83's Avatar
    lol... I love these blogs. Where does he get his crazy ideas?!
  5. pikaluva13's Avatar
    I believe i tend to get them from a little cow named Miltank :3
  6. Kurt's Avatar
    A little cow whispered in your ear, eh...?


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