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Inside the mind of the PocketFox

Stressful Business.

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I are tired.

Aside from sleeping late... I woke up early.
I had a meeting to go to this morning.
We left early to beat the traffic and got there early.
I waited for my attorney in the parking lot.
We went in and went straight to business.
And by business... I mean being asked questions...

for 4 hours.


After all questions were answered, I was relieved to know that it was all over.
Good news since my head hurt
and I was hella hungy
and I wasnt comfortable in my costume(button top, skirt and heels).

I plan to take the rest of the night off and try my hand at SR-ing my Arceus. I'll continue hatching this round tomorree.

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  1. cowmoo83's Avatar
    sounds boring... at least you had a light at the end of the tunnel(pokemon)!
  2. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    Did you have to punch anyone?
  3. thefuriousangel's Avatar
    @Brady: It was rather boring. I lurves my pokemanz!

    @Dave: No, no punching of any kind.
    Updated 11-19-2009 at 04:20 PM by thefuriousangel
  4. MissingNo.'s Avatar
    Skirt and heels? *melts*
  5. pikaluva13's Avatar
    @jenny *Dave

    @Jesse That must hurt...
  6. Kay's Avatar
    I hate that costume, too! Especially the button-up shirt. But I bet you looked smashing!

    ...Also, you're making me curious-er and curious-er about this deposition business! Anyway, I hope everything is stress-less with it.
  7. FatherGoblin's Avatar
    Were any pictures taken of you wearing said costume?


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