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Fall BaseBall

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It's Fall ball time here in Santa Clarita and I must say that I am loving every minute of the experience.

First of all, I love Fall, period. It's my absolute favorite season.

Back to ball, Riley is playing for the Mets. He is one of the best players on the team, quite a departure from his Spring ball experience.

Today he hit a triple, got out of a pickle with a classic "hook slide" to home, stole many bases, pitched an inning and struck out the other team in 4 batters. He also hit 3 singles, played short stop and center field.

This is more of a learning experience for the kids. The coaches are more supportive and motivational and the parents cheer the kids wether they hit or strike out. A much different atmosphere from Spring ball.

His Spring coach was a yeller and the kids were afraid to do anything for fear of getting yelled at so, nobody tried, they were too scared

This league the kids are ready and willing to make a mistake and aren't afraid to blow a play. The coaches just say, " try harder" "you'll do better next inning" or just a simple "great effort".

This time when Spring ball comes around, Riley will be more seasoned, confident and will be able to tell when a coach is just a jerk.

He knows now, how powerful motivation is and he will not allow another coach to squelch his enthusiasm.

I love Fall Ball

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  1. cowmoo83's Avatar
    Yay! The start of the new season. A fresh start and all. And wow, your son is good!
  2. Bobreeder's Avatar
    I don't know anything about baseball, but it's nice that your son gets fun out of it and does well
  3. nana nettie's Avatar
    That's great Cherkat! The one thing I have found with our children, from one season to the next they mature and grow. One season they are filling a space on the team, then the next season they are a big addition to the team. They grow, and we beam more from the proud feeling we have of our children. Let Mr. "R" know how happy I am for him


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