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Yawn my life

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So today i went to school
Yippee. So school was normal, boring. I went to the computer room at lunch. So i have msn and i was talking to my friends for ages. especially with webcam. Lol. So i came home. First thing i do is i go on pokefarm. I cehcked the new threads. I was quite happy today because i looked in my jar and my triops were hatched. They were little shrim[ kind of creatures as old as t rexs. Whats the worst thing i could do. Yes you guessed it, I overfed them. But today thats pretty much all that happened sadly

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  1. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    Ooooo! I've seen those Triops in the store before. My mom never let me get interesting things like that and I haven't seen them in the few years since I moved out. Are they interesting?


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