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Discovering the Meek

A Year in the Life of...

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Date Joined PF: 8/23/08
Date First Friendship Was Made: 8/24/08
Date Joined Beginner's Group: 8/24/08
Date First Post Was posted: 8/24/08
Date Created First Thread: 9/02/08
Date First Farm Event Opened: 10/26/08
Date First Art Thread Was Created: 11/17/08
Date Thought About Truly Joining PF: 2/5/09
Date First Felt Undeserving: 2/7/09
Date Received The Keys: 2/14/09
Date Truly Did Join PF: 2/15/09
Date Took Advantage Of Joining: 3/22/09
Date Started Setting Goals: 5/3/09-5/4/09
Date Was Left Breathless: 5/6/09
Date Stood Up Against Something: 5/6/09
Date Felt Like There Was Hope: 5/6/09 - 5/7/09
Date Felt Visible: 5/6-7/09 - 5/7/09
Date Took Initiative: 5/19/09 - 5/21/09
Date Worked To Prove Own Worth: 5/19/09 - 5/21/09
Date Accepted Defeat: 5/27/09
Date Experienced Exuberance: 5/28/09
Date Felt Disgruntled: 6/3/09 ~ 3:26 PM
Date Clarifying First Decision: 6/3/09 ~ 3:27-5:44 PM
Date Worked To Prove Own Worth Again: 6/3/09 - 6/6/09
Date Experienced Exuberance Again: 6/12/09
Date Experienced Fear: 6/16/09
Date Worked To Prove Own Worth Again: 6/16/09 - 6/22/09
Date Experienced Exuberance Again: 7/07/09
Date Was Confused: 7/14/09
Date Started Freaking Out: 7/14/09
Date Felt Accomplished: 7/30/09
Date Completed First Battle: 8/11/09
Date Completed Second Battle: 8/12/09
Date Completed Final Battle: 8/14/09
Date Nothing Was For Naught: 8/29/09
Date Created Assistant Discussion Thread: 8/17/09
Date Created Record Thread: 8/17/09
Date Received First Challenge: 8/23/09 11:30 AM


Special Thanks Go Out to the following members:

For putting up the Little Battle Gym
Paiopa: Without you, my first entry would have been flat, you kept me looking forward the entire time
Buzz: Thanks for holding the competition and allowing all members new and old participate in this.
My fellow Competitors: Through thick and thin, you guys made me work for every step I took
Two Specific Competitors: Rj61, T roo - without you two, I wouldn't have made it past competition four
The Person who sent me the PM titled "
MEEEKEEERRR! >:U" : it made my day.
The People who sent me messages telling me to join: You guys definitely helped me build up my confidence, which drove me through the competition
Everybody Else: Without the users here, there wouldn't really be a forum that keeps you coming back for more.


Thanks for a wonderful year. I'm planning on having another great one.

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Updated 08-23-2009 at 03:13 PM by meeker

Where do these go?


  1. cowmoo83's Avatar
    yay! another anniversary! This is like the week of members joinery or something :P

    wow... I didn't get a red squiggley line under joinery... is it actually a word?! :/
  2. joinred1127's Avatar
    Wheeeeeeeeeeee! xD Go Meeks!
  3. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    what about limes? o_O
  4. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    That's great... wonder the effort you put into finding those links...


  5. rj61's Avatar
    It sounds like you had an action packed year meek.
  6. becnoir's Avatar
    Thats a very nice blog Meeker! Great effort!


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